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Before the terrible health risks of asbestos were known, particularly before the 1980s, certain Simpson Paper workers could have been facing asbestos exposure on a daily basis. The more a worker handled toxic materials, the higher the cancer risk, but any amount of exposure to asbestos can raise the risk of developing cancers such as colon cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and EPA have labeled mesothelioma as a fatal cancer “primarily associated with exposure to asbestos.” That wasn’t always common knowledge which is why so many industrial giants and paper mills used the material as an insulator. 

Paper milling and paper pulping usually involve very high heat, and asbestos was ideal because it was heat-resistant and cheap. Simpson Paper workers were likely exposed around machines, and many operators and machine repair servicemen were at high risk. The safety risks were seen well into the 1980s, and millions of paper industry workers were exposed to various toxic chemicals and products. 

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Asbestos Cancer Lawyer reviewing paper mill asbestos exposure for workers nationwide.

Simpson Paper Mill Asbestos Exposure

Paper plants were obviously wary of the fire risks that went hand in hand with the industry which is why many of the paper mills and warehouses were insulated with such a great deal of asbestos materials. For fire prevention, construction materials like the roofing, flooring, paneling, cement and equipment were all made with asbestos. 


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Lung Disease & Paper Mill Workers

Hundreds of former paper industry workers have been diagnosed with related cancers and conditions. Symptoms can present many years after toxic exposure, and some of the more common signs include:

  • Pain in the side of the chest or lower back
  • Shortness of breath
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Excessive sweating
  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Hoarseness
  • Swelling of the face and arms

Simpson Paper mill employees were exposed to asbestos more often in different positions and tasks. Some of the occupations most at risk included:

  • Machine setters
  • Machine tenders and operators
  • Truck and tractor operators
  • Printing machine operators
  • Screen printers
  • Floor supervisors
  • Inspectors and quality control officers
  • System operators
  • Assemblers and fabricators
  • Boiler workers
  • Maintenance workers

One study found that among paper industry staff, the worst asbestos exposure occurred in maintenance workers. Some materials like dryer felts were replaced often, and asbestos fibers were released  endangering maintenance employees. Other tasks that may have increased the risk of encountering toxic materials included:

  • Paper cutting, sawing and slicing
  • Banding, wrapping, boxing, stitching, or sealing paper or paperboard sheets
  • Transporting raw materials (wood, pulp, etc.)
  • Inspecting machines
  • Repairing machines
  • Handling talc and sanding paper
  • Working on piping and boilers

Paper Mill Asbestos Locations

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Can I File an Asbestos Cancer Claim?
If you are confident that you worked in a workplace filled with asbestos and are later diagnosed with a related illness, you can contact our legal team to investigate your claim. We can help you maximize an occupational exposure settlement.


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Questions about Simpson Paper Mill Asbestos Exposure

Does Asbestos Lead to Cancer?

Workers were most at risk if they were around older asbestos materials that were breaking down into a fine dust. The workers were at risk of inhaling or ingesting the toxin which could then damage cells and cause inflammation. Asbestos is a documented cancer-causing agent, according to the WHO, CDC and other health agencies, and those paper mill staff exposed can later develop lung cancer, mesothelioma, kidney cancer, breast cancer, leukemia and other cancers.

What paper mill products Contained Asbestos?

Aside from the buildings themselves, which were insulated with toxins, many machines were made with asbestos components to mitigate fire risks in the factories. 

How Do Asbestos Cases Work?

If you were exposed to asbestos at your workplace and have fallen ill, contact our lawyers with your work history and medical records to initiate a claim with an asbestos trust fund

Why Did paper plants Use Asbestos?

Paper mills used asbestos insulation for the same reason many other industries utilized the material; because it was thought to be the ideal heat-resistant, durable material. 

What Settlement Can I expect?

The success rates of asbestos exposure injury claims are quite high if the work history is documented. Each case is unique and settlements are usually based on various factors like specific diagnoses and duration of toxic exposure. 

What Are the Statute of Limitations?

Asbestosis and Mesothelioma are specifically linked to asbestos exposure in medical literature. The diseases are the result of mostly long periods of toxic exposure sometime in the past, and almost all cases are work-related. There are still many cases diagnosed today because of the long latency period between first exposure and cancer development. 

Asbestos Settlements

The Lyon Firm aggressively, professionally, and passionately advocates for injured individuals and families against companies due to asbestos exposure.