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Reviewing AP Green Mesothelioma & Lung Cancer Claims

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AP Green Workers: Mesothelioma & Lung Cancer Claims

AP Green was a company founded in 1910 and began manufacturing bricks to resist high heat in factories and plants. The company incorporated asbestos into several refractory products, insulating cement and castable insulation. Asbestos is a cheap, accessible and durable product with a resistance to heat and flame, and as a result was utilized very heavily in some industries.

Any employee exposed to asbestos products for long durations or in an enclosed work area risked the development of cancer later in life. Asbestos diseases and cancers have a long latency period, and may not present and be diagnosed for decades after initial exposure.

Due to thousands of lung cancer and mesothelioma cases related to AP Green products and workplaces, the company faces many personal injury and toxic exposure lawsuits from asbestos victims. AP Green filed for bankruptcy in 2002 and established an asbestos trust fund for qualifying plaintiffs.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Asbestos Attorney  reviewing mesothelioma and lung cancer claims for former AP Green workers nationwide. The Firm offers full contingency fees to allow clients to focus on their health and to eliminate any financial risk of litigation. 

AP Green Asbestos Products

AP Green refractory products were used in a variety of applications, including in the boiler rooms of Navy ships and government cargo ships. The company’s cement products were used around the country in various plants and steel mills.

A.P. Green manufactures and distributed refractory products, asbestos cements, adhesives and coatings, known for their durability and fireproofing benefits. Some products contained more than 15 percent asbestos. AP Green product included:

  • SK-7 Cement—used in shipbuilding, roofing, boilers, ovens and furnaces.
  • Castable Block Mix
  • Green PC
  • Kast-O-Lite Gunning Refractory
  • Insulation Adhesive
  • Insulation Coating
  • Mizzou GR
  • Castable Mix
  • Greencast
  • Steelplant Castable
  • Dropsy Fry
  • Insblock
  • Loose Wool Insulation
  • LoAbrade GR
  • Therm-O-Flake Coating
  • Therm-O-Flake Block Insulation

AP Green Worker Asbestos Exposure

Some professions are more associated with asbestos exposure than others, usually due to the materials used in a job or a particular job site. Occupations likely to present occupational asbestos exposure include:

  • Plumbers & Pipefitters
  • Electricians
  • Maintenance
  • Welders
  • Machine operators
  • Bricklayers
  • Navy Servicemen

Asbestos & Associated Cancers & Illnesses

The vast majority of workers who develop asbestosis or mesothelioma worked in an environment where asbestos materials were present. Certain job sites may have been filled with toxic asbestos products, and employers may have failed to warn workers of the serious health risks of the job. As a result, many Ohio workers have been diagnosed with the following illnesses:

  • Mesothelioma
  • Angiosarcoma
  • Asbestosis
  • Lung Cancer
  • Adenocarcinoma
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis

AP Green Asbestos Trust Fund

AP Green filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2002 under serious legal pressure from numerous asbestos lawsuits. In 2009, the company created the APG Asbestos Trust, which contains over $900 million to compensate former workers with asbestos-related diseases. A.P. Green continues to be a defendant and co-defendant in many mesothelioma lung cancer lawsuits.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma or another form of lung cancer following asbestos exposure, and have questions about the available legal remedies to improve the quality of life and medical care, contact The Lyon Firm for a no-cost and confidential consultation.

You will speak directly with Mr. Lyon, an asbestos attorney, and he will help you answer critical questions regarding AP Green asbestos exposure and lung cancer lawsuits.


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Questions about Asbestos Exposure & AP Green

What Materials Contain Asbestos?

Asbestos was widely used in piping, insulation, electrical components, machine parts, packaging, flooring, ceiling tiles, roofing, and in many building materials.

Can I File a Mesothelioma Lawsuit?

If you were exposed to asbestos at your workplace, and have developed cancer or a related illness, you are likely to qualify for compensation.

Why Did Companies Use Asbestos?

Asbestos was cheap, durable, fire-resistant and light, and was though to be the perfect insulating material before research showed it was extremely hazardous to the health.

Is it hard to win an asbestos case?

The success rates of settlements regarding asbestos exposure injury are quite high. It may be necessary to prove that occupational exposure is the primary cause of lung cancer or mesothelioma, though this is the job of The Lyon Firm, and we have experience in reaching large mesothelioma settlements.

Former AP Green Worker Recently Diagnosed with Lung Cancer

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Asbestos (Mesothelioma)