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Asbestos was widely used in a variety of industrial applications up until the 1980s. Workers were exposed to the toxic for decades before the EPA and other work safety agencies finally began regulating its use. The damage, however, was already done in many cases, and thousands of former California workers at Triple A Machine Shop and at shipyards have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung cancer and other related lung diseases. 

The San Francisco Naval Shipyard and the Treasure Island Naval Station-Hunters Point Annex in southeastern San Francisco was leased to Triple A Machine shop and used for ship repair until 1986. In 1989, however, the EPA declared Hunters Point a Federal Superfund Site due to heavy toxic contamination and in 1994 it was closed down.

Many employees of the shipyard contractor, Triple A Machine Shop Inc., spent time in ship engine rooms handling, removing and replacing asbestos-containing insulation, gaskets and packing. That work was extremely hazardous and many former workers have since been diagnosed with related cancers.

Many former employees have filed toxic exposure and occupational cancer personal injury lawsuits against Triple A and other companies that exposed workers to harmful substances without their knowledge. Asbestos hazards may have been known by certain corporate management but no safety standards were put in place to protect staff.

Asbestos exposure lawsuits can recover economic damages for past and future medical expenses, past and future loss of household services, future economic loss, as well as non-economic damages for past and future pain and suffering and emotional distress.


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Triple A Machine Asbestos Exposure Cancer Claims

Triple A Machine work sites may have been dangerous places to work due to the presence of  toxic materials. Employers in the last 50 years may have failed to warn workers of the serious health risks of certain positions, and can be held liable for any injury that results. Examples of Asbestos related illness or injury include the following:

Mesothelioma in particular has a direct link to asbestos exposure. There is really no other way to develop mesothelioma, other than asbestos exposure after years of working around the material. The CDC has said there is so safe level of exposure to it, noting that bot chronic and acute exposure can raise the risk of cancer. Many cases of toxic exposure carry a latency period of 20-50 years after being first exposed at a work site. 

Almost all deaths from malignant mesothelioma in the United States are still the result of exposures to asbestos, which have usually happened decades prior. Th Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have adopted more reasonably safe approaches to toxic exposure, but the material is still not completely banned. 

To learn more about your toxic exposure case, and to consider legal action, call Attorney Joe Lyon. Filing an asbestos exposure lawsuit helps to raise the awareness of job safety, and can recover a large settlement to help pay for medical costs and lost wages. 

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Can I Still File a Work Injury Claim?

Because most deaths from malignant mesothelioma in the United States are the result of exposures to asbestos decades before, from the 1950s t0 the 1990s, you may fall ill and not immediately know why. But if you are newly  diagnosed with a lung disease or a cancer linked to asbestos exposure, your claim can still be processed. 

Our legal team has settled numerous toxic workplace exposure and mesothelioma cases on behalf of plaintiffs and victims nationwide. 


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Triple A Asbestos FAQ

What is asbestos?

There are six minerals that occur as bundles of fibers that can be separated into threading for use in various commercial and industrial applications. These are asbestos fibers, and they have a natural resistance to heat, fire, and chemicals and do not conduct electricity.

Asbestos was largely mined and used commercially in the first half of the 20th century. Its use increased after the war years, and eventually tapered off due to the fear that the substance was linked to a number of cancer clusters among American workers. The shipbuilding industry used a great deal of asbestos to insulate boilers, steam pipes, and hot water pipes. 

In the late 1970s, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) banned the use of asbestos in some products, and many manufacturers stopped using the material. In 1989, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned all new uses of asbestos; however, a ton of the toxic material is still in pace around the country. 

How were Shipyard Workers Exposed?

Thousands of workers who worked in and around shipyards in California have an elevated risk of asbestos exposure, and later developing cancers and occupational illnesses. Especially before the 1980s, it was likely for staff in the ship building industry were in contact with high levels of asbestos, increasing their chances of developing diseases like lung cancer and mesothelioma.

A 2008 study, published by the Ulster Medical Society, concluded that some shipyard workers have an asbestosis mortality rate 16-times greater than other studied occupations. Authorities have estimated that thousands of shipyard workers—many in California—have died as a result of acute or chronic asbestos exposure.

Was I exposed to asbestos at my workplace?

Asbestos fibers naturally break down over time and a fine toxic dust can get airborne in many work sites. Many workers in any area that contained asbestos products were heavily exposed, particularly in poorly ventilated, enclosed spaces. That includes many Triple A Machine workers that spent time in machine shops and in ship holds and engine rooms. 

What Industrial Products Contained Asbestos?

Asbestos has been used in piping, insulation, electrical components, machine parts, packaging, flooring, ceiling tiles, roofing, and in many other materials associated with steel work, shipbuilding, the railroad, power plants and other high-heat positions. 

Can I File a Mesothelioma Cancer Lawsuit?

Any former employee at Triple A Machine or another industrial outfit that worked in close proximity to asbestos products and later fell ill with a lung disease associated with toxic exposure may have a valid asbestos cancer claim. Contact our attorneys to review your work history and medical records. 

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Asbestos (Mesothelioma)


Asbestos (Mesothelioma)