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Continental Tire Failures & Recalls 

Truck tires produced by Continental Tires and other large tire companies such as Cooper Tires, Bridgestone-Firestone, Michelin Tire and Goodyear may be responsible for hundreds of serious accidents and fatalities each year.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Tire malfunction and tire failures are the primary cause of over 11,000 annual road collisions and deaths in the United States. The majority of commercial truck accidents, involving delivery tractor-trailer trucks, are largely preventable.

If Continental Tires and other tire manufacturers are continually held legally responsible for producing safe and reliable products, America’s roadways will be much safer year after year.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Ohio product liability lawyer, with years of experience investigating the causes of serious auto accidents, and settling accident claims nationwide.

Continental Tire Recalls

Defective Tire Recalls are a monthly occurrence in the tire industry. Unfortunately, tire producers are not always willing to recall tires until after several serious accidents have occurred. Some recent recalls include the following:

•    In 2015, Continental Tire the Americas voluntarily recalled almost 15,000 Continental CrossContact LX20 tires, manufactured in May, 2015. According to the NHTSA’s Office of Defects Investigation, the tires may have insufficient adhesion within the belt package, were potentially contaminated, and could result in “partial or full tread/belt loss, increasing the risk of a crash.”
•    Also in 2015, Continental recalled approximately 3,800 Continental ContiProContact P205/65 R15 95T XL tires because they may experience Defective Tire Treads, and increase the risk of a crash.
•    In 2009, Continental Tire recalled about 390,000 Contitrac tires. The company said some of the tires may experience uneven wear and, in some cases, separation between the belt edges. This can lead to tread belt separation, increasing the risk of a crash.
•    In 2002, Continental recalled more than half a million tires used on Ford Expeditions and Lincoln Navigators. The company stated the tires were “not performing up to standard.”

Recalled Tires

•    Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. Tires
•    Uniroyal-Goodrich Tires
•    Bridgestone-Firestone Tires
•    Yokohama
•    Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company Tires
•    Michelin Tires
•    Dunlop Tires
•    Continental Tires
•    Pro-Line Tires
•    Titan Tire Corporation Tires


Tire Defects & Continental Recalls

Continental tire recalls may be issued for a number of reasons, including the following:

•    Tire tread separation risks
•    Tire blowouts
•    Unsafe tire design
•    Insufficient resistance to aging
•    Material contamination
•    Tires fail road safety specifications
•    Steel belt separation
•    Tires produced without all specified components
•    Tire showing cracks
•    Incomplete adhesion of tire components
•    Unsuitable tread depth
•    Rusting of steel tire cables
•    Corrosion of components
•    Tire unsuitable for specific vehicles
•    Retread failure risk
•    Material manufacturing defects

Defective Tire Accidents & Injury

•    Orthopedic Injuries
•    Rollover Injuries
•    Deceleration/whiplash injuries
•    burn accident
•    Neck & Spinal Injury
•    Traumatic Brain Injuries
•    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Defective Continental Tires Accidents & Settlements

Defective tires are the primary cause of thousands of car and truck accidents each year on highways and other roadways. Tire manufacturers such as Continental have a clear legal duty to produce safe products for trucks and automobiles to ensure the safety of all motorists.

When tire producers are aware that their tires are defective, they have a responsibility to inform safety authorities and consumers. Manufacturers like Continental are responsible for contributing to a safe work and transport environment in America, and if they fail to provide consumers with safe products, they may be held responsible for their negligence.

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(Brown County, Kentucky):   The Lyon Firm was second chair a case involving a driver texting and driving when he crossed the median, killing a father of four. The case was resolved once discovery confirmed the cell phone records proved the texting-related incident. The settlement will pay for the surviving childrens’ education. The driver was likely facing additional criminal charges at the time of the settlement.



(Cincinnati, Ohio):  The Lyon Firm was lead counsel in a $495,000 settlement. This case involved a motorcycle operator who sustained fractures of the calcaneus, talus, medial cuneiform, tarsal bones, and tarsometatarsal when a car ignored its driving lane and crossed into his right-of-way. Settlement provided repayment of medical bills of $20,000 and funds for future education to re-enter the work force in a less physically-demanding job.