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photo of car rear window

Acura RDX Rear Window Defect Investigation

The Lyon Firm is investigating allegations of Acura windshields shattering without impact. The firm has experience settling class action auto recall cases and a wide variety of auto defect claims.

Has the rear window of your Acura shattered for no apparent reason? You may not be alone. There have been numerous claims from car owners that the rear window of their car suddenly cracked or shattered.

Consumers who purchased one of the following vehicles new or used should contact the firm to discuss the next step:

  • 2019 RDX
  • 2020 RDX 2WD
  • 2020 RDX AWD

Car safety experts are currently investigating a potential defect in 2019-2020 Acura RDX vehicles. Consumer reports suggest that the rear windshields of some models may spontaneously shatter without external impact when the cars are in motion. Acura rear windows may shatter without warning, posing a significant safety hazard to motorists.

Experts have said a potential cause for the alleged window issue might be incorrect specification for the rear defroster grid.

Contact the Lyon Firm if you or a loved one has experienced a rear window shattering on your Acura. Free class action consultations.