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Adventist Health Tulare Data Breach | Signature Performance

The Lyon Firm is investigating a data breach that occurred in early 2024, impacting tens of thousands of Adventist Health Tulare patients. The breach allegedly originated from a data security incident at Signature Performance. Contact our data breach lawyers to review your claim and discuss possible legal action. We are currently involved in numerous class action data privacy lawsuits and represent plaintiffs in California and nationwide. It is critical to take measures to protect your personal data following any data theft incident. 

What Happened at Adventist Health?

In January 2024, Signature Performance detected suspicious activity on its network and started an investigation. The investigation involved third-party experts and determined that an unauthorized party accessed files on Signature Performance’s network. Signature Performance eventually concluded that more than 70,000 Adventist Health Tulare patients were affected by the data breach. The data compromised could include the following:

  • Name
  • Social Security number
  • Driver’s license number

What is Signature Performance?

Signature Performance is a healthcare administration service provider operating out of Omaha, Nebraska, and employs over 1,000 individuals. Adventist Health contracted the company to collect payments for services.

Signature Performance identified suspicious activity within its network between January 17 and January 18, 2024. Notification letters are being mailed to individuals by Signature Performance, and the notification letters will state for each individual the types of information involved. Each case may be unique, and compromised data will vary.

Call us now for a free and confidential consultation and case review. We believe any entity that collects and stores your personal data has a duty to properly protect it with robust IT security. Should any company fail to build and maintain a reasonably secure network, they may be held liable for any data breach that occurs. We are proud to represent clients in all fifty states and have proven success in filing class action data privacy claims. Contact us to begin filing your claim.