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ARcare Class Action Data Breach Complaint Filed By Lyon Firm

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UPDATE: The Lyon Firm has filed a class action data breach lawsuit against AR Care on behalf of a plaintiffs impacted by the company’s alleged security negligence. 

The Lyon Firm is actively involved in personal privacy and healthcare data theft cases and is currently investigating ARcare data breach claims on behalf of Arkansas, Mississippi and Kentucky plaintiffs.

A reported security breach has led ARcare, an Arkansas medical provider, to notify over 345,000 current and former patients that personal and or medical information could have been compromised.

ARcare provides primary care and behavioral health services in Arkansas, Mississippi and Kentucky clinics and medical centers. All impacted individuals with information stored on company systems received a notice of the security incident in letters dated April 25, 2022.

As of late April 2022, the company noted that the data breach involved a malware infection. The investigation showed an unauthorized user may have accessed and exfiltrated data between the period of January 18 and February 24.

Personal information that could have been viewed includes names, social security numbers, driver’s license or state identification numbers, dates of birth, financial accounts, medical treatment, prescriptions, medical diagnosis or condition and health insurance.

The company is reportedly providing free credit monitoring and identity theft protection to those impacted, though attorneys believe victims deserve more compensation for their distress and potential future losses.