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Feraheme Warning Revision

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Pharmaceutical Lawyer and Drug Injury Attorney reviews Feraheme lawsuits for plaintiffs nationwide

Due to reports of adverse events with use of Feraheme, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has enhanced the boxed warning for the anemia drug. The new warning states more risks on the label now, including that the drug can cause fatal allergic reactions.

The Feraheme warning is a Boxed Warning, the strongest type of warning administered by the FDA. Furthermore, they altered the prescribing instructions overall. They also warn against taking the drug if you have had allergic reactions to iron replacement products (administered by vein).

The FDA recalls or issues frequent warnings to drug companies who produce, market and distribute dangerous drugs to the consumer in America. If the safety agency notices that numerous reports of injury are compiled, they are likely to require boxed warnings and label revisions. Patients and doctors can then have a better idea of the costs of risks versus the benefits of a drug on the market.

Feraheme Lawyer & Drug Injury

Physicians and patients who have to make critical decisions on which drug to select welcome the revision of labels to provide more information. As additional recommendations to bolster the safety of the product, the FDA suggests administering the drug for less than 15 minutes, only administer via IV to those who require intravenous therapy, closely monitor patients, and only administer if they have never before had a serious related allergic reaction.

The Lyon Firm focuses on product liability litigation and drug injury lawsuits related to defective pharmaceuticals that injure patients. When drug companies are negligent and fail to protect consumers, they may be held liable in drug injury lawsuits.

Joe Lyon is a Cincinnati recall lawyer and Ohio product liability attorney who has experience engaging some of the largest drug companies in the country when they fail to properly test and their defective products injure consumers. Their actions make them liable and victims and attorneys may file claims against them.

If you or a loved one has been injured following the use of Feraheme (Ferumoxytol), please do not hesitate to contact The Lyon Firm to learn about your legal rights.

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