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Herff Jones Data Breach Lawsuits

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The Lyon Firm is investigating financial data theft claims on behalf of students and customers of Herff Jones who purchased caps and gowns, graduation rings and other commencement items. Students at several universities have reported their credit card information or bank account information stolen after making purchases or rentals from Herff Jones.

The data breach incident has been reported by the University of Houston, Purdue University, Towson University, and The University of Delaware. Other students may be affected if they did business with the company, and are urged to investigate potentially compromised personal financial data. The data theft may affect high school customers as well.

If you purchased or rented a cap and gown or bought a graduation ring or any other commencement products for high school and college from Herff Jones this year, check your finances carefully and report any fraud to the Lyon Firm. Banking information and credit card numbers may have been leaked to criminals and could possibly be for sale on the dark web. Some students have already reported money stolen from banking accounts as well as irregular activity.

Herff Jones has said they are currently investigating the data breach event and has disabled its payment system. Plaintiffs say it may be too late to recover stolen personal information, and legal action may be the next step for affected students.

The Lyon Firm is experienced in filing class action data breach claims and has filed lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide. Filing class action data breach lawsuits may compensate victims of fraud and recover any incurred losses.

Why Do Data Breaches Occur?

As electronic systems dominate and companies move files to cloud-based networks, personal data may be vulnerable to cyberattacks. When companies fail to properly secure their networks and IT systems, customer and employee data may be accessed and stolen, leading to serious security threats. Millions of Americans are affected each year. Data breaches may occur in the following ways:

Cyberattacks: Hackers are clever, and use a variety of tools like spam emails and phishing attacks to reach personal databases.

Network & System Weakness: data breaches occur because cybercriminals locate soft spots in a company’s system or network, allowing them to steal data or install ransomware.

Weak password security: Hackers may exploit systems through vulnerable user passwords.

Malware downloads & emails: a virus or malware may be downloaded unknowingly by users who enter compromised sites or open suspicious emails.

Employee negligence: Employees may either steal information or sell access to criminals, or accidentally give hackers access to a network.

Can I file a Herff Jones Lawsuit?

Plaintiffs across the country are filing class action claims, alleging that Herff Jones failed to properly secure
and safeguard customers’ credit and debit card information, as well as and other payment information from potential security threats.

Many colleges, universities and high schools, as well as individual students, have reported financial information compromised. Legal action may be the best remedy for those who are now at increased risk of long-term data privacy theft and identity theft.

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