Jax Spine and Pain Centers Data Breach

The Lyon Firm is actively involved in numerous data privacy and data theft cases nationwide and is currently investigating data breach claims on behalf of Jax Spine and Pain Centers patients in Florida and Georgia.

Jax Spine and Pain Centers

As the medical sector continues to struggle with data security, ransomware groups have taken advantage and targeted vulnerable healthcare systems. This week, hackers announced that they had stolen personal data from Jax Spine and Pain Centers (JAX), an entity operating  in North Florida and south Georgia.

According to a listing on a dark web site, the group said the following: “We have the full EHR (Electronic Medical Records) database for 262,000 patients!”

A report by DataBreaches.net examined the alleged stolen files with 100 Jax Spine and Pain Centers records and found what appeared to be data from 2012-2017, with patients’ first and last names with middle initial, mailing address, email address, phone numbers, date of birth,  Social Security numbers, and some insurance information.

Thousands of companies have suffered data breaches in the last couple of years and have spawned dozens of class action data breach lawsuits that seek to compensate affected users and customers for the damage and stress it has caused in their lives. If you have received a data breach notification letter, contact a lawyer to review.

Security breach settlements have recovered millions of dollars for victims. If you have been a victim of a security breach, contact a data breach lawyer to discuss the possible legal recourse and litigation process.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated personal data breach lawyer and Privacy Attorney representing plaintiffs nationwide in class action security breach lawsuits.

Personal Data Breach Lawsuits

Regardless of the reason for a security breach—whether a person or group gains access to confidential information for financial or political gain—victims have the right to file a claim against a company for failing to protect their information, and can lead to a class action lawsuit.

Health entities like Jax Spine and Pain Centers must exercise reasonable care in protecting patient information, and if they do not, they can be held liable for the damages that result, including identity theft.

Security breach victims and attorneys representing plaintiffs have been able to settle multi-million dollar recoveries. If you or a loved one suffered financial losses from a data breach, contact a data theft lawyer for a free consultation.

Individuals can be ruined financially, and deserve proper online security measures. But many companies choose not to protect consumer privacy, and thus face class action lawsuits.

After a data breach turns your life upside down, remember that you are not the only victim. There are millions of Americans who suffer from data privacy events every year, and in turn, seek legal action for compensation and to hold companies accountable for negligent security systems.

If you want more information on current data breach litigation and how to file a data theft class action lawsuit, contact The Lyon Firm for a free and confidential case review.

Can You Sue for a Data Breach?

Companies who collect and store data have a duty to protect personal information to the best of their ability. When they are negligent, and a data theft incident occurs, they may be liable for the following:

  • Improperly monitoring data security systems for existing intrusions
  • Not ensuring that vendors with access to computer systems and data employ reasonable security procedures
  • Improperly training employees in handling emails containing PII and PHI and maintain adequate email security practices
  • Failure to implement technical policies and procedures to allow electronic PHI access only to individuals or software programs granted access rights
  • Failure to implement procedures to review records of information system activity regularly, such as audit logs, access reports and security incident tracking reports
  • Improperly protecting against reasonably anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of electronic PHI

An experienced class action attorney can determine if you are eligible to file a data breach lawsuit or join a class of plaintiffs. Lawyers investigating the matter can assist in determining the following:

  • Did Jax Spine and Pain Centers fail to adopt security safeguards that would have prevented a data breach?
  • Did Jax Spine and Pain Centers notify customers as soon as it learned of the data breach?
  • Did Jax Spine and Pain Centers provide a complete list of all individuals affected by the data breach?
  • Did Jax Spine and Pain Centers provide security in line with industry standards?


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