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LCS Financial Services Data Breach Investigation

The Lyon Firm is investigating data breach claims related to LCS Financial Services, a debt collector based in Colorado. Tens of thousands of individuals may have had their personal data leaked after an IT security incident impacted the company. Contact our legal team to learn more.

What Happened at LCS Financial?

The company explains in letters sent to individuals an Attorneys General that on February 25, 2023, LCS Financial Services discovered a data breach in which the sensitive personal identifiable information in its systems may have been accessed and acquired. They determined that an unauthorized actor may have accessed this sensitive information one day before. LCS also concluded that the hackers did remove data from its network.

For reasons unknown, the company waited until September 22, 2023 to begin contacting individuals about the data leak. According to reports, the following types of personal information compromised include:

  • Name
  • Social Security number

About LCS Financial Services

LCS Financial Services is a debt collection agency based in Centennial, Colorado. LCS works with financial institutions nationwide to provide support in recovering debts involving student loans, mortgage, commercial, automobile and other debt.

We believe very strongly that companies that store and collect sensitive data from consumers have a duty to protect it. When it is stolen, the company then has a duty to alert those impacted in a timely manner. If this does not happen, the company could be held accountable for data privacy violations and negligence.

How Do I Protect Myself from Data Theft?

It can be overwhelming when a data breach letter arrives and tells you that your personal information has been stolen and possibly sitting on the dark web, ripe for cybercriminals to use in nefarious ways. Even a small amount of what seems trivial data can be used against you in various fraud and identity theft schemes. So how do you protect yourself?

Our attorneys can assist you in the legal realm, and you may be able to file a claim to recover losses. As far as the next steps forward to prevent fraud, see the following related post.

The Lyon Firm is currently involved in numerous data breach lawsuits and represents plaintiffs nationwide. Contact our lawyers to learn more about filing class action claims and to follow the LCS Financial data breach case.