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LendingTree QuoteWizard Data Breach Investigation

The Lyon Firm is investigating the Snowflake data security incident that has allegedly resulted in the breach of a large amount of personal data at several large companies. LendingTree’s QuoteWizard confirmed recently that the Snowflake incident may have impacted their customer base, and QuoteWizard says they will begin sending out data breach notification letters to all affected by this event.

Contact our data breach lawyers following the receipt of a notice from LendingTree, QuoteWizard or any other company linked to Snowflake. We believe very strongly that any company that collects and stores your personal data has a duty to properly protect it with reasonably secure IT networks. Should they fail to do so, they may be held liable for their IT security negligence.

What Happened at QuoteWizard?

QuoteWizard has confirmed that the company may have fallen victim to cyberattacks after a concerning incident at Snowflake, the cloud-based solutions company that has thousands of clients. Snowflake apparently reached out to QuoteWizard to explain that some personal data may have been compromised.

If you receive a data breach notification from QuoteWizard or Snowflake, it is important to understand that you may be at increased risk for fraud and identity theft. The data breach is still being investigated, and more details will emerge shortly. According to sources, however, QuoteWizard’s parent, LendingTree, confirmed that it is a customer of Snowflake and that Snowflake’s system was hacked, perhaps to a large degree.

The number of companies whose Snowflake accounts were breached continues to grow. The cyberattacks against cloud provider Snowflake have impacted Ticketmaster, Advance Auto Parts and many others. The Ticketmaster data breach exposed 560 million customer profiles after attackers accessed its Snowflake account.

A Mandiant investigation of the recent data compromises at Snowflake confirmed that they resulted from a failure by customers to implement multi-factor authentication. Snowflake’s position as a multi-cloud data warehousing platform makes it a good target for cyberattackers.

More about QuoteWizard & LendingTree

Operating out of Seattle, WA, QuoteWizard is an online insurance marketplace where consumers can compare prices between insurers. The company was acquired by LendingTree, an online lending marketplace headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Lyon Firm is currently involved in numerous class action data breach lawsuits, and represents plaintiffs in all fifty states. Call to learn more about how to protect yourself and to discuss possible legal action. We offer free case reviews and consultations.