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partnership healthplan data breach notice

The Lyon Firm Files Partnership Healthplan of California Class Action

Thank you for considering The Lyon Firm. At this time, we are not accepting plaintiffs related to this specific consumer issue. However, if you would like to be contacted in the future, please complete the contact form. By completing the form you will be contacted if the Firm begins accepting new cases on this matter, and you will also be included in firm news alerts related to important consumer safety and privacy issues to help keep you informed about related issues.

The Lyon Firm has filed a class action complaint against Partnership Healthplan of California on behalf of plaintiffs who allege the company failed to protect their sensitive protected information, placing them at risk of identity theft and fraud.

The Lyon Firm is actively involved in personal privacy and data theft cases and is currently investigating Partnership HealthPlan of California data breach claims.

The Hive ransomware group, a well-known ransomware group who has taken responsibility for several high-profile cyberattacks, recently posted on its site that it has stolen 850,000 patient records from the Partnership HealthPlan of California.

Although, the post from the ransomware group has not yet been confirmed, data privacy advocates are taking the news seriously and urging Partnership HealthPlan of California patients to begin preparing for a possible data theft incident.

The Partnership HealthPlan of California website says they have been “experiencing technical difficulties,” including a “disruption to certain computer systems.” The organization’s phone systems have the following automated message playing: “all of our systems are down, with no expected time of repair.”

The ransomware group says it has 400GB of stolen files in its possession, including information such as names, Social Security numbers and addresses. The official notice, shown above, also confirms that Social Security numbers, dates of birth and various medical information was leaked.

Partnership HealthPlan of California has not issued an official data breach statement, however it has issued a warning regarding unusual activity on its computer systems.

Hive has targeted the healthcare industry in the past, with 2021 ransomware attacks on Memorial Health System in Ohio and Johnson Memorial Health in Indiana.

Hundreds of hospitals and healthcare entities across the nation have suffered data breaches in the last couple of years and have spawned dozens of class action lawsuits that seek to compensate victims for the damage and stress it has caused in their lives. If you have received a data breach notification letter, contact a data privacy lawyer to review.