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photo of medtronic inpen app

Medtronic MiniMed Data Tracking Investigation

The Lyon Firm is actively involved in data privacy and data theft cases and is currently investigating Medtronic MiniMed and InPen pixel data tracking on behalf of victims and plaintiffs nationwide.

Medtronic – Medtronic MiniMed (Medtronic Diabetes) – has recently announced that the personal information of thousands of users of its InPen Diabetes Management App may have been compromised. Personal information may have been disclosed to Google due to the use of tracking and authentication code within the InPen App.

The app utilized Google Analytics for Firebase, Crashlytics for Firebase, and Firebase Authentication which can disclosed data about app users to Google. The company says the tools were used by Medtronic Diabetes to gather information about the use of the app, identify technical issues, and improve services.

Medtronic Diabetes said that information disclosed may have included the following:

  • Email address
  • IP address
  • Phone number
  • InPen App user name and password
  • Unique Medtronic Diabetes user identifier

Class Action MiniMed Lawsuit

Update: A newly filed lawsuit alleges that Medtronic violated patient privacy by using tracking and authentication technologies such as Google Analytics and Firebase in its InPen diabetes management app and services.

Attorneys filed the lawsuit in federal court against Medtronic MiniMed and MiniMed Distribution Corp. on behalf of a plaintiff who has used MiniMed’s InPen app and services since around July 2020.

The complaint alleges that MiniMed in its use of tracking and authentication technologies disclosed to Google and other third parties the sensitive personal and health information of InPen users’ without their knowledge or consent.

If you or a loved one uses MiniMed, contact our lawyers to discuss legal action and in joining the existing class of plaintiffs. The lawsuit seeks financial damages and extended credit monitoring to all class members.

MiniMed reported a HIPAA breach in April to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as affecting nearly 58,400 individuals.

In recent years, a growing number of healthcare entities have reported data breaches involving their previous use of tracking tools, such as Google Analytics and Meta Pixel.