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ParkMobile Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit

The Lyon Firm has filed a class action lawsuit against ParkMobile for the company’s alleged failure to properly secure and safeguard customers’ highly-valuable, protected personally identifiable information (PII).

In March 2021, ParkMobile announced that it had been subject to a data breach incident related to a vulnerability in a third-party software vendor which compromised the compromised information included its users’ PII. The information obtained in the data breach contains the personal data of around 21 million individuals.

A subsequent investigation of the alleged cybersecurity lapse revealed that names, license plate numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, vehicle nicknames, passwords, and home addresses may have been among the stolen data. Plaintiffs and data breach victims may suffer the following:

  • Theft of their data
  • Costs of requesting credit freezes
  • Costs of detecting and preventing identity theft
  • Lowered credit scores following fraudulent activity
  • Costs of time spent and the loss of productivity
  • Potential future fraud and risk of exposure

Plaintiffs claim ParkMobile failed to comply with industry standards to protect customers’ information, and failed to provide adequate notice to those affected following the data breach. Lawyers claim the data theft victims will not only spend time changing passwords and monitoring accounts, they will continue to be at an increased risk of identity theft due to data breach.

There have already been suspicious and fraudulent activity on some of the plaintiffs’ bank accounts and the data has been seen available for sale on a Russian crime forum.

The Lyon Firm is investigating ParkMobile data breach claims and other data theft incidents that have adversely affected consumers nationwide.

ParkMobile Class Action Privacy Claims

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has brought actions against businesses for failing to adequately protect against unauthorized access to confidential consumer data. According to attorneys involved with the case, the data breach was a direct result of ParkMobile’s failure to implement and follow basic security procedures.

Users of any app should be entitled to data security of their PII, and ParkMobile has a duty to ensure that such private, sensitive information is not disclosed to unauthorized third parties. Personal data is a valuable commodity for cybercriminals and may be used for identity theft, and medical or financial fraud schemes. Once data is stolen, fraudulent use of that information may continue for years.