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Pure Storage Data Breach Investigation

The Lyon Firm is reviewing new class action data breach claims linked to the recent Snowflake cyberattack. The incident resulted in large-scale data theft, impacting possibly hundreds of companies, including Pure Storage. Contact our data breach lawyers following the receipt of a notification letter or online notice.

It is important to understand the increased security risks following a data theft event that compromises your personal data. Call to learn more about the Pure Storage data breach and to discuss how to begin processing your claim. We have the resources, experience, and dedication to build your case and reach significant settlements to compensate you for any financial and non-material damages. 

What Happened at Pure Storage?

Pure Storage, a large provider of cloud storage systems and services, confirmed that its Snowflake workspace had been hacked and warned that certain data may have been stolen. The exposed information included customer names, usernames, email addresses, and possibly more sensitive personal information.

Pure Storage may be one of the hundreds of victims of this credential stuffing attack. Others have come forward, including Ticketmaster, Santander Bank, Advance Auto Parts and QuoteWizard. Over 11,000 customers use the Pure Storage data storage platform, including Meta, Ford, JP Morgan, NASA and Comcast.

The breach that started with a Snowflake cloud intrusion has spread quickly, as more and more companies realize their data could have been impacted. The bad actor that claimed the Snowflake breach gained access to customer accounts using customer credentials stolen in malware infections dating back to 2020.

To learn more about your legal options, call our dedicated data privacy attorneys. We offer free consultations and case reviews, and we can guide you through the process at a convenient time. It is prudent to take certain measures to protect your data any time a breach is announced that could impact you and your family. We represent clients in all fifty states and assume all financial risks.