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ReproSource Data Breach & Quest Diagnostics Ransomware Attack

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Quest Diagnostics recently informed the SEC about an August 2021 ransomware attack affecting ReproSource, a fertility clinic owned by Quest. The ransomware attack led to a data breach, which compromised the personal health and financial information of about 350,000 ReproSource patients.

In a statement, Quest said ReproSource experienced a data security incident where an unauthorized party may have accessed or acquired the protected health information and other personally identifiable information.

Quest ReproSource Data Breach

Quest has confirmed that on August 8, 2021, an unauthorized party accessed the ReproSource IT network, and two days later ransomware was discovered.

ReproSource launched a data breach investigation and hired cybersecurity experts to assist. ReproSource began sending out breach notification letters to data breach victims in late September.

Quest has said the data of the entire company was not affected by the security incident at ReproSource but the damage is still widespread.

ReproSource is the second fertility clinic to send out breach notifications after a ransomware attack, after Reproductive Biology Associates notified around 38,000 patients of a ransomware attack in April.

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