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The Lyon Firm Files Class Action Talbert House Data Breach Lawsuit

Thank you for considering The Lyon Firm. At this time, we are not accepting plaintiffs related to this specific consumer issue. However, if you would like to be contacted in the future, please complete the contact form. By completing the form you will be contacted if the Firm begins accepting new cases on this matter, and you will also be included in firm news alerts related to important consumer safety and privacy issues to help keep you informed about related issues.

Alongside other data privacy attorneys, The Lyon Firm has filed a class action data breach lawsuit following a recent cyberattack that targeted the personal information of Cincinnati’s Talbert House employees, patients, clients, partners, and other third parties.


If you received notice that your information may have been impacted by the Talbert House Data Breach, you can submit a claim for relief and benefits under the settlement by visiting and click on the SUBMIT CLAIM button on the right side of page.

  • Enter the Class Member ID that appears on your copy of the postcard
  • Once you have entered your Class Member ID, fill out the brief On-Line Claim Form and request the benefits available to you as a Class Member.

If you do not know your Class Member ID, please contact the Settlement Administrator at (833) 512-2309 for information regarding your status as a class member.

What Happened?

According to Talbert House, around 45,000 individuals have been impacted by a cybersecurity event discovered on June 11, 2021. Information compromised in the Talbert House Data Breach includes clients’ names, mailing addresses, medical information, and health insurance information. Talbert House’s employees have potentially had their Social Security Numbers, driver’s license numbers, and financial account information stolen.