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Thirty Madison Data Privacy Investigation

The Lyon Firm is investigating Thirty Madison telehealth websites for potential data tracking technology, and health privacy violations.

According to a recent investigation published on The Markup website, popular telehealth websites, including those operated by Thirty Madison have allegedly been using data tracking tools, and sharing users’ medical and personal information to Facebook and other big tech companies.

This private information on telehealth websites (Cove, Facet, Nurx, Picnic, Keeps) might be shared with tech companies with the use of tracking code and without user consent.

The Markup reported that 49 direct-to-consumer telehealth companies had a third-party tracking code on their site, with the potential to share data with third parties. The study follows another privacy report that revealed many healthcare systems in the U.S. using tracking code on their web portals.

Thirty Madison operates the following websites:

  • Keeps: treatment for men’s hair loss
  • Cove: treatment for migraine
  • Nurx: treatment for sexual and reproductive health
  • Picnic: treatment for allergies
  • Facet: treatment for skin disorders

In response to the investigation, a spokesperson from Thirty Madison released this statement:

“Maintaining patient trust is critical to Thirty Madison. We have launched an internal review into the referenced third party tracking tools.”

If you have reason to believe your personal information has been compromised by Cove, Facet, Nurx, Picnic, Keeps or another telehealth website, contact the Lyon Firm to discuss your personal privacy and potential legal action.