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Ticketmaster Data Breach Investigation

The Lyon Firm is investigating the recent Ticketmaster data breach that has allegedly impacted hundreds of millions of customers globally. An internal data security investigation is underway, and more details will emerge in the coming days. In the mean time, however, Ticketmaster customers should begin to mitigate their personal security risks. Call our data breach lawyers to learn more about how to protect yourself and to consider filing a class action claim to recover compensation and seek justice. 

What Happened at Ticketmaster?

On May 27, 2024, ShinyHunters, the administrator of BreachForums, claimed the recent breach at Ticketmaster. The group has offered 1.3 TB of data for sale, including the personal details of 560 million customers. Stolen data allegedly includes names, emails, addresses, phone numbers, ticket sales, and order details.

Live Nation Entertainment, the parent company of Ticketmaster, confirmed the data breach and said that they identified unauthorized activity within their Snowflake cloud database environment. The cloud contained company data from Ticketmaster. The company has noted that they are working to mitigate the risk to users. It does not appear that Ticketmaster paid any ransom, but it has been rumored that other Snowflake customers have paid to retrieve stolen data in the same incident.

Bleeping Computer reported that ShinyHunters breached Santander and Ticketmaster via stolen credentials from cloud storage company Snowflake, obtained through malware. The hacker then supposedly accessed a Snowflake employee’s ServiceNow account and began to exfiltrate data.

Can I File a Class Action Data Breach Lawsuit?

Our legal team offers free case reviews and consultations for any data breach victim, and is currently interested in working with plaintiffs with links to Ticketmaster, Advance Auto Parts, LendingTree and other firms that may have been impacted by the Snowflake cloud breach. As the investigation into these matters evolves, we recommend contacting an attorney to discuss legal action and to consider all options to protect personal data privacy.