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Washington Times Subscription Auto-Renewal Investigation

The Lyon Firm is investigating potentially illegal automatic renewal schemes and deceptive billing practices on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide. If you have questions about an auto-renewal of your Washington Times subscription, contact The Lyon Firm to review.

Consumers have alleged that when they subscribe to the Washington Times, the company automatically enrolls them in an auto-renewal program. If you think you have been deceptively entered into a Washington Times subscription, call for a free consultation.

Joe Lyon is a class action consumer fraud lawyer investigating Washington Times subscription auto-renewal claims, and other deceptive billing practice complaints for plaintiffs nationwide.

Washington Times Subscriptions: What are Automatic Renewal Law Violations?

There have been allegations that the Washington Times may not entirely comply with District of Colombia Automatic Renewal Protections, and may be liable for relevant violations.

  • 28A-203 states that a person who sells a good or service to a consumer for an initial term of 12 months or more, which automatically renews for one month or more, shall notify the consumer by first-class mail, email, or another easily accessible form in accordance with the following:
  • “The notice must be sent to the consumer no fewer than 30 days and no more than 60 days before the automatic renewal;
  • Disclose clearly and conspicuously: (i) unless the consumer cancels the contract, it will automatically renew; (ii) the costs of goods or services for the term of renewal; and (iii) the deadline by which the consumer must cancel the automatic renewal contract; and (iv) the methods by which the automatic renewal provision and cancellation procedures, including by contacting the seller at a specified phone number, email address; and
  • If the notice is provide by email, include active web links to allows the cancel the automatic renewal. Moreover, a violation shall render the automatic renewal provision void and terminate the contract. Because the contract is void, Defendant rendered a gift onto the consumer and the money should be returned to class members.”

washington times subscription terms

You may ask yourself the following questions before contacting an attorney:

  • Are your subscription terms and conditions clear and conspicuous?
  • Did the company clearly explain their automatic renewal program?
  • Does the company have clear instructions on how to cancel a subscription?
  • Did the company obtain your affirmative consent before charging you for the product or service?
  • Did the company give you proper notice (30-60 days) before your subscription contract was renewed?

Any violations of the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Practices Act by the Washington Times or another subscription-based entity may constitute an unlawful practice and affected individuals can contact an attorney to consider seeking compensation and justice.