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Xavier Nursing Program Tuition Reimbursement Lawsuit

The Lyon Firm has filed a complaint on behalf of 480 Xavier University nursing students, seeking tuition reimbursement. The Firm is actively reviewing tuition reimbursement cases for other university students nationwide.

The Lyon Firm and lead plaintiff filed on behalf of 480 students enrolled in Xavier’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, seeking more than $5 million in tuition reimbursement.

The Lyon Firm and Xavier plaintiff filed the lawsuit and has demanded a refund for tuition and fees paid for clinical training, activities and in-person learning that ended, and changed to remote classes, in response to the COVID pandemic.

This is the second tuition reimbursement class action suit filed by Ohio college students who are demanding refunds for closed campuses due to the 2020 outbreak.

The Xavier nursing students paid Xavier for a comprehensive academic experience, but attorneys argue that Xavier offered the class members only a limited online experience without face-to-face faculty and peer interaction, separated from program resources, and barred from facilities vital to study. The students say they never agreed to pay for the remote-style learning.

A Xavier University spokesman said the institution made the best of a bad situation, though tuition was never reduced when it changed to an online format and plaintiffs still say they deserve refunds. In fact, Xavier actually raised tuition costs for the 2020 summer semester, in effect charging more money for less education.

Plaintiffs paid approximately $13,500 per semester, in addition to additional student activity fees and professional liability insurance, which were unnecessary under the circumstances. At the time, there were no student activities, and the professional liability fee was meant to be for clinical learning, which was not offered.