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Mr Heater Lawsuits

investigating Mr heater & propane heater burn injury cases

After fire and explosion reports, severe burn injuries and other Mr Heater accidents, Mr. Heater, of Cleveland, Ohio, recalled about 55,000 of their Big Buddy and Tough Buddy portable propane heaters. The valve on the Mr. Heater propane heaters may leak, posing a fire hazard and burn injury risk. At least 26 reports of propane leaks and burn injuries have been reported in years past.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a voluntary recall of Big Buddy and Tough Buddy propane heaters following Mr Heater accidents. The heaters are black with yellow accents around the burner tiles or light gray with red accents. The Mr. Heater logo is printed in the lower right hand corner of the heaters.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, defective home heaters, space heaters, propane heaters, patio heaters, and portable heating equipment are a leading causes of home fires and burn injury accident deaths.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated product liability lawyer representing plaintiffs nationwide in consumer product liability and product defect cases. Victims of Mr Heater accidents and other defective home heater products can contact us at (513) 381-2333 and file personal injury claims against negligent companies.

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Mr Heater Recalls & Defective Portable Heaters

The following companies have recalled home heaters, space heaters, patio heaters, and propane heaters for posing fire hazards and burn injury risks to consumers:

  • Vornado Air
  • Sunbeam Holmes
  • Kenmore
  • Lifesmart Lifepro portable heater
  • Optimus
  • Aloha Breeze
  • Lasko
  • Flow Pro
  • Airtech
  • Comfort Essentials
  • Ritchie Immersion Heaters
  • Maxi-heat

Mr Heater Accidents & Product Liability Lawsuits

The Lyon Firm has experience filing personal injury and product liability lawsuits following injuries caused by portable heaters, space heaters, heater fans, propane heaters, and patio heaters that are poorly designed, faulty, and defective.

Joe Lyon is dedicated to advocating for the consumer and making American homes safer by holding heater companies accountable for the dangers they pose with defective products.

Due to several new Mr Heater explosion reports, The Lyon Firm is investigating burn injury claims on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide. Space heater injury victims may be able to sue a company and recover costs related to medical expenses and damages related to the accident.

What Types of Injuries Are Associated With Mr Heater Products and Other Space Heaters?

Due to sleek designs and various “safety” features, such as anti-tip-over construction and automatic off switches, many consumers may be lulled into a false sense of security when it comes to portable heaters.

However, even with such mechanisms in place, people can still be in great danger of catastrophic injury, as such features can fail, and often may be poorly or negligently designed.

Common injuries associated with space heaters such as Mr Heater models can include:

  • Severe burns
  • Smoke inhalation
  • Lung damage
  • Toxic exposure (from burning chemicals)
  • Scarring and disfigurement

You may be wondering, “Are Buddy heaters safe indoors?” While they are designed for indoor use, the risks and issues mentioned can create serious dangers for users.

Due to the fact that such fires often happen in small, enclosed spaces, the injuries resulting from such incidents can be severe. Space heaters can set fire to nearby objects such as clothing or blankets. A majority of space heater fire burns involve burns to the hand and extremities.

Space heaters can cause fatalities as well. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has listed heating equipment as the second-leading cause of fires in the U.S., and the third-leading cause of home fire fatalities. If you were involved in a space heater fire that caused the death of a loved one, you may need to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

At The Lyon Firm, we have extensive experience handling cases involving Mr Buddy Heater deaths and other related incidents.

Joe Lyon is dedicated to advocating for the consumer and making American homes safer by holding heater companies accountable for the dangers they pose with defective products.

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Why File a Heater Burn Injury Case?

Many product liability and consumer safety cases have had a positive impact on public health and safety, and we have witnessed improved lives and future burn injuries prevented as space heater companies are forced to remove dangerous products and change designs and warnings as a result of litigation.

Compensation is also available when serious burn injuries are sustained as a direct result of a dangerous consumer product. Contact a lawyer to review your heater burn injury case as soon as possible.

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What Types of Financial Compensation Are Available in a Space Heater Fire Lawsuit?

Victims of space heater fire injuries may be entitled to significant financial coverage for the losses they experience. Such compensation can cover costs like:

  • Hospital and medication bills
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Ongoing therapy and treatment
  • Medical costs not normally covered by insurance
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of the ability to generate income
  • Wrongful death costs, where applicable

While such financial assistance can never fully undo the injuries or losses, they can help put the victim back on the right track toward what they need for their recovery.

The amount recovered depends on many factors, including the severity of the injuries as well as the skill and experience of the lawyer who handles the case. Thus, it’s important to work with an attorney who has proven experience in these types of cases.

Contact a Heater Burn Injury Lawyer

Heater burns caused by products such as Mr Heater models can create many hardships and long-term challenges for the victim and their family. These can be complex and require the assistance of a law firm that knows the ins and outs of how to hold the manufacturers responsible.

At the Lyon Firm, we have the skills and resources to take on large companies, while at the same time being able to provide our clients with the personal attention and commitment they need. Contact us at ​​(513) 381-2333 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your legal rights and options after an injury. We are here to ensure you receive the maximum remedy under the law.

FAQs: Questions About Mr. Heater Injury Cases

Are space heaters dangerous?

Very much so. Defective space heaters injure and kill thousands of consumers each year, and cause severe injuries as well. Serious precautions should be made while using any home heater, whether inside or outside your home. If you were injured or affected by a defective space heater, contact an attorney who can help you with your case.

What space heaters have been recalled?

The following models have been added to space heater recalls in recent years for being a fire hazard to consumers:

• Vornado Air Electric Space Heaters
• Sunbeam Holmes Ceramic Heaters
• Twin-Star Duraflame Electric Space Heater
• Kenmore Oscillating Fan Heaters
• Lifesmart Lifepro portable heater (due to electrical shock hazard)
• Soleil Portable Fan Heaters
• Optimus Portable Infrared Radiant Quartz Electric Space Heaters
• Touch Point Portable Baseboard Convection Heaters
• Optimus Tower Quartz Portable Heaters
• Aloha Breeze Portable Electric Heaters
• Climate Keeper Portable Space Heater and Oscillating Space Heaters
• Creative Heating Solutions Portable Space Heaters
• Touch Point Forced Air Heaters
• Honeywell Surround Select Portable Electric Heaters
• Touch Point Oscillating Ceramic Heaters
• True Living Electric Space Heater Fans
• True Living Portable Quartz Radiant Heaters
• Lasko Portable Electric Heaters
• Flow Pro Electric Heaters
• Airtech Electric Heaters
• Comfort Essentials Heaters
• Honeywell Moveable Baseboard Heaters
• Ritchie Immersion Heaters (due to electrical shock hazard)
• Legacy Propane Infrared Plaque Heaters
• Soleus Air Space Heaters
• Dyson Bladeless Electric Heater
• Holmes; Oil-Filled Electric Heaters
• Mr. Heater Big Buddy and Tough Buddy Portable Propane Heaters
• Maxiheat Dream Tower Heaters
• Tower Heaters and Patio Heaters
• Model 511 Oil-Filled Electric Radiator Heaters
• Aloha Radiant Heater
• Sun-Sational Electric Heater
• Weather Works Ventilaire Electric Heaters
• Lakewood Electric Heater
• Vermont Castings Space Heaters
• Holmes Wide-Angle Portable Heaters
• Maxi-heat Electric Oil-Filled Radiator Heaters

What are common space heater defects?

Space heaters can be considered defective if they have a faulty design that poses fire or burn risks, are made of inferior materials that melt or have insufficient guards and gates. Other defects include when they have improper or insufficient warnings and instructions, do not have automatic shutoff mechanisms, are prone to overheat, or cause short circuit fires.

Are space heaters a fire hazard?

Home heaters pose very real fire hazards, often due to defective products, inadequate safety features, electrical shorts, misuse, and malfunction. They often result in severe injuries or even death due to the fact they are used in small spaces. Companies that produce or manufacture unsafe products should be held liable for the injuries they cause to consumers.

Who enforces home heater safety regulations?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission issues thousands of product recalls each year in the United States, initiated sometimes after an injury or accident has already been reported. Following burn injury, regardless of recall status, victims and plaintiffs may pursue legal action and contact a lawyer to begin the litigation process. Contact The Lyon Firm at (513) 381-2333 for representation if you or a loved one were injured by a home heater product.

Your Right to Safety

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Defective products on the market present safety and health hazards for adults and children. Cheap and defective products may pose fire and burn risks; electrocution, strangulation and choking risks; and severe health risks. The manufacturers of consumer products have a duty to foresee potential injury and properly design and test products before they are released.

Companies must also properly warn consumers of any risks associated with their products. Any failure to protect consumers that results in accidents and injury can lead to lawsuits filed by plaintiffs and their product liability lawyer.

Our Victories

The Lyon Firm aggressively, professionally, and passionately advocates for injured individuals and families against companies due to a defective product or recalled product to obtain just compensation under the law.



(Pikeville, Kentucky): Confidential settlement for Plaintiff who suffered spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia due to defectively designed seat belt. Four passengers with three-point (lap/shoulder) belts walked away from the accident, and the only passenger wearing a two-point belt (lap only) suffered a debilitating spinal cord injury. The settlement assisted with home improvements to assist in daily living. GM entered federal bankruptcy during the process and no longer manufactures two-point lap belts for vehicles.



(Hillsboro, Ohio): Confidential Settlement for the family of elderly man who was catastrophically burned while operating a propane wall heater. The burns resulted in his unfortunate death. The heater, manufactured and sourced from China, was alleged to allow the flame to reach outside the grid area in violation of ANSI standards. The Defendant resolved the case following discovery and mediation. The recovered funds were paid to the victim’s surviving spouse and children. The company no longer manufactures this type of heater.