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Occupational Radiation Cancer Claims

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According to studies carried out in the last few decades, there is a direct link between radiation exposure among workers in the nuclear industry and their subsequent development of glioblastoma and other cancers.

Only in recent years have nuclear management and safety staff carefully measured levels of ionizing radiation in nuclear employees through the use of personal dosimeters. But even these safety protocols cannot fully protect workers from dangerous doses of radiation.

Any worker in the nuclear industry, spending time in or around facilities engaged in the production of nuclear power, the manufacture of nuclear weapons, the enrichment and reprocessing of nuclear fuel, or reactor research, may be in danger of developing cancers such as glioblastoma. Glioblastoma (GBM) is a deadly malignant brain tumor, often developed after occupational exposure to ionizing radiation.

The brain cancer carries a median survival time of 12 to 15 months. Each year, 16,000 deaths are reported in the United States from brain and other central nervous system cancers.

The risk of developing glioblastoma and other cancers increases with long-term occupational exposure, and studies show risk increases in certain people regularly exposed to ionizing radiation at nuclear facilities. Radiation exposure may occur from ingesting, inhaling, injecting, or absorbing radioactive materials at the workplace.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated lawyer who has represented individuals nationwide in personal injury claims. If you have been exposed to Ionizing Radiation, and have questions about your legal rights, please contact The Lyon Firm.

The Lyon Firm is also dedicated to representing cancer victims who worked at Fernald Feed Material Production Center or suffered through environmental contamination in Ohio. 

Signs and Symptoms of Glioblastoma

Glioblastoma is an aggressive type of central nervous and brain tumor that forms on brain tissue. Glioblastomas may appear in any area of the brain, though it develops commonly in the frontal and temporal lobes.

At high doses, ionizing radiation can cause immediate damage to a person’s body, including radiation sickness and death. Ionizing radiation is also a carcinogen, even at low doses. Radiation causes cancer primarily by damaging DNA. Symptoms of glioblastoma vary depending on the location of the tumors, but they may include the following:

•    Persistent headaches
•    Double or blurred vision
•    Nausea
•    Vomiting
•    Loss of appetite
•    Changes in mood or personality
•    Difficulty in ability to think and learn
•    Memory loss
•    Onset of seizures
•    Muscle weakness
•    Speech difficulty
•    Confusion
•    Difficulty with balance
•    Urinary incontinence


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Joseph Lyon has 17 years of experience representing individuals in complex litigation matters. He has represented individuals in every state against many of the largest companies in the world.

The Firm focuses on single-event civil cases and class actions involving corporate neglect & fraud, toxic exposure, product defects & recalls, medical malpractice, and invasion of privacy.


The Firm offers contingency fees, advancing all costs of the litigation, and accepting the full financial risk, allowing our clients full access to the legal system while reducing the financial stress while they focus on their healthcare and financial needs.

Nuclear Radiation Related Cancers

Those in the aerospace and nuclear industries, and those working or living in Fernald, Ohio could suffer from radiation related cancers. Workers in nuclear fuel production facilities face two main primary sources of radiological exposure to tissues of the body: internal and external exposure.

External radiation that penetrates the body is more common and affects most nuclear employees. However, internal deposits are possible through the inhalation of airborne uranium dust.

Workers with large doses of radiation from internal contamination are often people with substantial external exposure as well. Radiation-related cancers are typically quite fatal. The following radiation related cancers are associated with ionizing radiation exposure:

•    Glioblastoma—brain tumors
•    Thyroid cancer
•    Bone cancer
•    Renal cancers
•    Leukemia
•    Lung cancer
•    Multiple myeloma
•    Lymphomas (other than Hodgkin’s disease)
•    Bile duct cancer
•    Breast Cancer
•    Colon cancer
•    Esophageal cancer
•    Gall bladder cancer
•    Liver cancer
•    Ovarian cancer
•    Pancreatic cancer
•    Pharynx cancer
•    Salivary gland cancer
•    Intestinal cancer
•    Stomach cancer
•    Bladder cancer

Nuclear Reactor Facilities in United States

•    Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station—Carroll Township, Ohio
•    Perry Nuclear Generating Station—North Perry, Ohio
•    Piqua Nuclear Generating Station—Springcreek Township, Ohio
•    Beaver Valley—Beaver County, Pennsylvania
•    Calvert Cliffs—Calvert County, Maryland
•    Connecticut Yankee—Haddam, Connecticut
•    Hope Creek—Lower Alloways Creek Township, New Jersey
•    Indian Point Energy Center—Buchanan, New York
•    James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant—Scriba, New York
•    Limerick Generating Station—Limerick Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
•    Maine Yankee Nuclear Power Plant—Wiscasset, Maine
•    Millstone Nuclear Power Plant—Waterford, Connecticut
•    Nine Mile Point Nuclear Generating Station—Scriba, New York
•    Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station—Lacey Township, New Jersey
•    Peach Bottom Nuclear Generating Station—York County, Pennsylvania
•    Pilgrim Nuclear Generating Station—Plymouth, Massachusetts
•    Salem Nuclear Power Plant—Lower Alloways Creek Township, New Jersey
•    Saxton Nuclear Generating Station—Bedford County, Pennsylvania
•    Seabrook Station Nuclear Power Plant—Seabrook, New Hampshire
•    Shippingport Atomic Power Station—Beaver County, Pennsylvania
•    Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant—East Shoreham, New York
•    Susquehanna Steam Electric Station—Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
•    Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station—Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
•    Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant—Vernon, Vermont
•    Yankee Rowe Nuclear Power Station—Rowe, Massachusetts
•    Alvin W. Vogtle Electric Generating Plant—Burke County, Georgia
•    Bellefonte Nuclear Generating Station—Hollywood, Alabama
•    Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant—Athens, Alabama
•    Brunswick Nuclear Generating Station—Southport, North Carolina
•    Carolinas–Virginia Tube Reactor    Parr—South Carolina
•    Catawba Nuclear Station—York, South Carolina
•    Crystal River 3 Nuclear Power Plant—Crystal River, Florida
•    Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Power Plant—Baxley, Georgia
•    H. B. Robinson Nuclear Generating Station—Darlington County, South Carolina
•    Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Generating Station—Dothan, Alabama
•    McGuire Nuclear Station—Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
•    North Anna Nuclear Generating Station—Louisa County, Virginia
•    Oconee Nuclear Station—Oconee County, South Carolina
•    Sequoyah Nuclear Generating Station—Hamilton County, Tennessee
•    Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant—New Hill, North Carolina
•    St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant—Hutchinson Island, Florida
•    Surry Nuclear Power Plant—Surry County, Virginia
•    Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station—Homestead, Florida
•    Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Generating Station—Fairfield County, South Carolina
•    Watts Bar Nuclear Generating Station—Rhea County, Tennessee
•    Big Rock Point Nuclear Power Plant—Hayes Township, Michigan
•    Byron Nuclear Generating Station—Ogle County, Illinois
•    Braidwood Nuclear Generating Station—Will County, Illinois
•    Clinton Nuclear Generating Station—Harp Township, Illinois
•    Donald C. Cook Nuclear Generating Station—Lake Charter Township, Michigan
•    Dresden Generating Station—Goose Lake Township, Illinois
•    Duane Arnold Energy Center—Fayette Township, Iowa
•    Elk River Station—Elk River, Minnesota
•    Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station    –Charter Township, Michigan
•    Kewaunee Power Station—Carlton, Wisconsin
•    La Crosse Boiling Water Reactor—Genoa, Wisconsin
•    LaSalle County Nuclear Generating Station—Brookfield Township, Illinois
•    Marble Hill Nuclear Power Plant—Saluda Township, Indiana
•    Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant—Monticello, Minnesota
•    Palisades Nuclear Generating Station—Covert Township, Michigan
•    Point Beach Nuclear Plant—Two Creeks, Wisconsin
•    Prairie Island Nuclear Power Plant—Red Wing, Minnesota
•    Quad Cities Nuclear Generating Station—Cordova Township, Illinois
•    Zion Nuclear Power Station—Zion, Illinois
•    Arkansas Nuclear One—Russellville, Arkansas
•    Blue Castle Project—Green River, Utah
•    Callaway Nuclear Generating Station—Auxvasse Township, Missouri
•    Columbia Generating Station—Benton County, Washington
•    Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant—Somervell County, Texas
•    Cooper Nuclear Station—Nemaha County, Nebraska
•    Diablo Canyon Power Plant—Avila Beach, California
•    Fort Calhoun Nuclear Generating Station—Washington County, Nebraska
•    Fort St. Vrain Generating Station—Platteville, Colorado
•    Grand Gulf Nuclear Generating Station—Claiborne County, Mississippi
•    Hallam Nuclear Generating Station—Hallam, Nebraska
•    N-Reactor—Hanford Site, Washington
•    Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power Plant—Eureka, California
•    Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station—Tonopah, Arizona
•    Pathfinder Nuclear Generating Station—Minnehaha County, South Dakota
•    Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating Station—Herald, California
•    River Bend Nuclear Generating Station—West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana
•    San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station—San Diego County, California
•    Sodium Reactor Experiment—Simi Valley, California
•    South Texas Nuclear Generating Station—Matagorda County, Texas
•    Trojan Nuclear Power Plant—Columbia County, Oregon
•    Vallecitos Nuclear Center—Alameda County, California
•    Waterford Nuclear Generating Station—Killona, Louisiana
•    Wolf Creek Generating Station—Hampden Township, Kansas

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