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Perkins & Co Data Breach Investigation

The Lyon Firm is actively involved in class action personal privacy and data theft cases and is currently investigating Perkins & Co data breach claims on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide.

Perkins & Co has begin sending out data breach notification letters to over 354,000 individuals that may be impacted by a security incident back in 2020.

What Happened?

In December 2020, Netgain Technologies, a vendor Perkins uses for hosting its data in the cloud, alerted Perkins to the fact that Netgain suffered a ransomware attack

Netgain confirmed that between November 8, 2020, and December 3, 2020, an unauthorized actor accessed the servers that store Perkins’ data, some of which was copied and stolen. The unauthorized actor also encrypted files and demanded a ransom payment which Netgain paid. The files they had stolen were returned, however, Perkins considers any data that was acquired by hacker to be at risk.

netgain data breach