FAQs Addressed by The Lyon Firm in Cincinnati, Ohio


Why Should I Choose The Lyon Firm?

Selecting an Attorney and engaging in the civil litigation process may be one of the most personal and important decision an injured person must make. Mr. Lyon left a large corporate law firm to create a small law practice where he can offer his clients personal representation with access to large resources. Mr. Lyon is a highly-rated, nationally recognized, and experienced Ohio Product Liability and catastrophic injury attorney, and he is accessible to his clients. While there is necessary and capable support staff, Mr. Lyon will personally handle your case as the attorney. Please call to discuss FAQs or your case directly with Mr. Lyon. You can then decide if he is the right attorney for you and your family.

Is the Initial Consultation Free?

Yes. The phone call or home visit is free regardless of whether the case is ultimately accepted. Reach us at 800.513.2403 with FAQs and common concerns.

Are Contingency Fees Available?

Yes. The fee is based upon a percentage that is only recovered in the event the case is successful. If the case is successful, the legal fees are an agreed upon percentage of the total recovery. If the case is not successful, the client is not charged a legal fee for the work. The Lyon Firm accepts most cases on contingency fees. Hourly rates are also available and are offered. Watch Attorney Joseph Lyon Explain Contingency Fees

Does The Lyon Firm Advance the Costs of Litigation?

Yes. We will advance all costs of the litigation if we accept the case. These costs are generally not requested for reimbursement in the event that the case is not successful. We accept the risk if we believe in the case.

Do you Have Experience in Catastrophic Injury Cases?

Yes. Mr. Lyon has been involved in many Catastrophic Injury cases involving the loss of limbs,  spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, deformities, and burn injuries. These types of injuries require the utmost care and attention, and the use of life care planning and economic experts to present the full scale of the damages claims. Should you trust us with a call, Mr. Lyon has the experience, compassion, and resources to help you and your family through this critical process. 

Do you Have Experience in Wrongful Death Cases?

Yes. Mr. Lyon has handled numerous wrongful death cases in multiple states. Wrongful Death claims are separate causes of action and require early coordination with family members. The tragic death of a family member can leave families with devastating personal and financial losses.  Should you trust us with a phone call, Mr. Lyon has the experience, compassion, and resources to help you and your family through this loss. 

Do you Have Experience Representing Injured Children?

Yes. Representing an injured child in a case is one of the greatest responsibilities a lawyer may have in their career, and one that Mr. Lyon has been honored to accept. Mr. Lyon has successfully handled complex product liability, medical malpractice, and toxic exposure cases, all involving permanent brain injuries to children. These cases deserve the closest attention from counsel, and Mr. Lyon will be there for you throughout the case should you choose him to represent you and your child.

Are Home or Hospital Visits Available?

Yes. If the case appears to have merit on the initial phone interview, Mr. Lyon will personally visit you at your home or the hospital to complete the initial consultation.

Are Weekend or Evening Appointments Available?

Yes. Please call to discuss your case and to schedule an appointment when you are available.

Does The Lyon Firm Represent Clients Nationwide?

Yes. Mr. Lyon is frequently admitted Pro Hac Vice in other jurisdictions. In such cases, local counsel may be necessary, but the attorneys will work together on the case at no additional cost to the client. In mass tort cases, Mr. Lyon can often represent the client in Federal Court without the need for local counsel. We are careful to comply with all applicable ethical rules in this regard.

Is My Injury Case Part of a Class Action?

No. Cases where a product affects many individuals is properly classified as a Mass Tort. A Mass Tort claim is an individual claim that has been consolidated for discovery purposes with other similar cases. This generally benefits the plaintiff where there is a large defendant with immense resources. Power in numbers may be the only path to victory. Many people, including lawyers, often confuse the definition of Mass Tort with Class Action. There are important legal distinctions between the two categories. Personal injury cases are typically not appropriate for class action treatment because of the individual issues with respect to the health of the individual.

Does The Lyon Firm Represent Insurance Companies or Large Corporations?

No. The Lyon Firm is focused on individuals and small business owners. The defendants in most cases are large corporations defended by large law firms. The Lyon Firm is dedicated to fighting on behalf of individuals against large powers that often choose not to follow the rules and treat smaller parties unfairly.

Does The Lyon Firm Accept Referrals from Other Lawyers?

Yes. Mr. Lyon works in conjunction with lawyers nationwide. Mr. Lyon is consulted frequently on complex injury matters and many cases are referred to Mr. Lyon for review and litigation. Joint representation is often in the best interest of the client, given the complexity and expense of litigation. Your clients will always remain your clients and joint fee agreements are honored should counsel trust us with a call.  

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