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Nationwide Success: Pharmaceutical Litigation, Defective Medical Devices, Asbestos, Automotive Defects, Product Recalls, Medical Malpractice & Complex Personal Injury Lawsuits.

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The Lyon Firm?

The Lyon Firm is an Ohio Product Liability and Personal Injury law firm committed to helping individuals nationwide through the toughest times of their lives.

We help you and your family:

(1) Understand what went wrong;
(2) Gather compelling evidence
(3) Recover personal injury and financial damages;
(4) Change the neglectful corporate behavior
(5) Protect others in the future.

There is no legal fee or costs unless the case is successful.

The contingency fee structure allows everyone access to quality representation and the american justice system regardless of their financial position.

Ohio Product Liability Lawyer

The Lyon Firm is a Cincinnati, Ohio litigation boutique focusing on complex personal injury, hospital negligence and Ohio product liability claims.

Mr. Lyon has successfully resolved numerous complex personal injury cases in Ohio and nationwide in excess of six and seven figure settlements. He has represented thousands of individuals in consolidated pharmaceutical and medical device mass tort litigation nationwide.

Mr. Lyon is also a frequent speaker at both local and national conventions. He has published a variety of law journal articles to help other personal injury lawyers better represent their clients.

“I employed the services of Mr. Joe Lyon after my husband & I were in a horrific car accident. Mr. Lyon showed the utmost professionalism from day one. He was there for me whenever I needed him. He not only helped me professionally, but he proved time after time that he really cared for me as a client. My husband passed away 8 months after the accident. Mr. Lyon came to my husband's Celebration of Life. I could not have employed a better attorney nor could I have gotten through this process without him.”

Cathy Ponsi - Hebron, Ohio

Case Results

$ 17 Million

Product Liability

$ 13 Million

Defective Pharmaceutical Products

$ 10 Million

Medical Malpractice

$ 10 Million

Defective Medical Devices

$ 6 Million


$ 4 Million

Auto Accidents

$ 2 Million

Industrial Accidents

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