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Extensive Experience: Complex Personal Injury & Class Action 

The Lyon Firm is a complex personal injury and mass tort/class action firm located in Hyde Park Square in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

The Lyon Firm, LLC is a Cincinnati, Ohio based law firm representing individuals nationwide in class action and product liability litigation. Joe Lyon founded the Firm in 2006 following his work as an associate for a national complex litigation firm. Over the past 19 years, Mr. Lyon has represented thousands of individual clients in over 40 Multi-District Litigations (“MDL”) in both federal and state court consolidated actions. Mr. Lyon has also served as co-lead counsel, on Executive and Steering Committees, and as class counsel in over 30 class actions. These complex cases have involved a diverse range of legal, scientific, regulatory, and public policy issues involving medical devices, pharmaceutical products, toxic consumer products, and data privacy matters.

The Firm has a long history of successful MDL work having developed supportive evidence on numerous specific causation issues to support claims within the MDL case structure. In addition, Mr. Lyon has worked alongside many of the leading Plaintiff Firms on leadership committees to develop common benefit evidence on general liability and general causation. Notably, Mr. Lyon has served on several MDL Discovery Committees, where he has participated in corporate document reviews, 30(b)(6) depositions, expert development, medical literature surveys, FDA regulatory reviews, and bellwether trial preparation: e.g., MDL 1748: In re Testosterone Replacement Therapy; MDL 2327: In Re Ethicon Pelvic Repair Systems; and MDL 1598: In Re: Ephedra Products Liability Litigation. Moreover, Mr. Lyon has contributed as a member of a bellwether trial team that obtained a favorable Plaintiff’s verdict, which assisted in a global resolution of the Actos litigation. (Wisniewski v Taketa Pharmaceuticals America Inc. Case No: 120702272 (Philadelphia County, PA).

Finally, Mr. Lyon has dedicated much of his career to representing individual Plaintiffs in catastrophic single event litigation. This rewarding work has provided families with answers to difficult questions of liability and has resulted in numerous life changing settlements that have assisted with long term medical needs and compensation for significant financial and personal loss. The single event litigation has required the Firm to consistently learn new subject matters, develop new case themes, and create new relationships. These cases have addressed a variety of legal, medical, and engineering issues arising from automotive product defects, firearm defects, medical malpractice, workplace injuries, toxic lead exposure, environmental contamination, and asbestos exposure. As lead and second chair on these complex matters, Mr. Lyon has developed extensive experience in written discovery, e-discovery, fact depositions, 30(b)(6) depositions, expert opinion evidence, dispositive motion practice, and trial practice, while helping families overcome some of life’s hardest challenges. 

Driving 6,000 Miles to Know a Client.  

Mr. Lyon regularly visits clients in their homes and the hospital, and he attends memorials and family celebrations to gain perspective on the lives of his clients.  In one case, Mr. Lyon drove 6,000 miles during the course of the case for client meetings and investigative work. If it takes driving across the country twice to know our clients, then that is the effort we are willing to make to win.   

Our Approach:

Preserving Evidence:

Immediately, we take the appropriate steps to secure the critical evidence working with top tiered experts and labs to store evidence properly. 

Home Visits:

We often visit our clients homes to spend time with the client and their family to understand how the injury has impacted their life.   In certain cases, the home is where the evidence lies –e..g, We have personally visited homes in the inner city of Cincinnati to document the dilapidated conditions to help children suffering brain injuries from lead poisoning. 

Visiting Accident Scenes:

Understanding how accidents have occurred requires lawyers to get out of the office and into the field.  We cannot learn what we need to know by staying behind the desk.  As a matter of course, we visit the scene of the accident.  This method has taken us into the hills of Appalachia to recover the remnants of a seat belt fragment, without which a case on behalf of a young girl who was paralyzed in the accident could not have proceeded with her case against General Motors. 

Partnering with Clients for Success

Meet Our Attorneys

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Mr. Lyon was my attorney, and also my family attorney. He has always been great with everything we have brought to him. Highly recommended attorney. Staff was very nice as well, and very easy to work with.


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