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The Lyon Firm Files Facebook Class Action Alleging Privacy Violations

The Lyon Firm is investigating allegations that Facebook (Meta) has violated personal privacy and state wiretapping laws by injecting code into third-party sites and tracking browsers. Contact us for a free consultation.

Update: The Lyon Firm has filed a class action lawsuit alongside a California firm, representing a class of plaintiffs that has allegedly had their privacy invaded by the company’s data mining policies. 

Attorneys say Meta’s alleged tracking of citizens’ browsing activity and communications violates federal and state wiretap laws (Wiretap Act and Invasion of Privacy Act).

This may not come as a surprise as Meta has a track record of pursuing profit at the expense of user privacy, but it is nonetheless bad news for online privacy advocates.

The so-called Facebook wiretapping class action seeks compensation for all persons who used Meta’s Facebook or Messenger app and whose private browsing activity and communications have been illegally intercepted, monitored and recorded by the company’s in-app internet browsers.

Plaintiffs argue that even if Facebook users do not consent to being tracked, Meta tracks FB users’ online activity and “private” communications with third-party websites. Lawyers say the company has been injecting JavaScript code into those sites.

What does “Injecting JavaScript” Mean?

So when an FB user clicks on a web link within the Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger app, the company has allegedly been automatically directing them to the in-app browser that Meta monitors. But Meta does not tell their users this is happening or explain that they are being tracked.

This is critical because the data that Meta collects and stores includes personally identifiable information, health information, and confidential text entries.

In fact, Meta’s core business includes collecting revenue for targeted ads, based on in-depth data mining practices. The company’s revenue stream took a hit when Apple suddenly required Meta to obtain its users’ informed consent before tracking their internet activity on apps and third-party websites. This may help explain why Meta is trying other methods at grabbing data.

If you use Facebook, Messenger or Instagram and value your privacy, call to learn more about joining the Facebook wiretapping class action.