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SeaWorld Membership Auto-Renewal Investigation

The Lyon Firm is investigating potentially illegal season pass automatic renewal schemes and deceptive billing practices on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide. If you have questions about an automatic SeaWorld membership renewal, contact The Lyon Firm to review.

According to a recent CBS investigation, SeaWorld annual pass holders reported being unknowingly charged for an automatic renewal of their park membership. Following complaints against SeaWorld, CBS looked further into the company’s auto renewal membership policy.

One man was allegedly charged $650 for four annual passes after he had purchased 2021 season passes. The individual says he received no notification, only the charges on his credit card.

CBS staff went through the online process of buying an annual membership and found in small print that buyers are automatically opted into an auto renewal and embed a link to Terms and Conditions. Individuals question the alleged lack of transparency.

In July 2022, a new California law went into effect that says annual members must be notified within 15-45 days prior to being charged for a renewal membership.

Joe Lyon is a class action consumer fraud lawyer investigating SeaWorld membership auto-renewal claims, and other deceptive billing practice complaints for plaintiffs nationwide.

SeaWorld Membership: What are Automatic Renewal Law Violations?

There have been allegations that SeaWorld may not entirely comply with Automatic Renewal Laws, and may be liable for relevant violations.

SeaWorld annual pass holders who have unwittingly entered into an automatic renewal agreement should contact a consumer fraud attorney and consider taking legal action. The Lyon Firm believes that companies that mislead their customers into agreements should be held liable and compensate customers for any violations.

Any violations of the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Practices Act by SeaWorld or another company may constitute an unlawful practice and affected individuals can contact an attorney to consider seeking compensation and justice.