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Personal Trainer Negligence Lawsuits

Nobody goes to the gym seeking injury, though because of personal trainer negligence and defective gym equipment, that’s exactly what happens to thousands of Americans each year. Exercise may sound like the best step to getting healthy, but gym safety is crucial to avoid injury and maximize results.

A surprising amount of gym and fitness center patrons are injured through no fault of their own when they are victims of gym equipment defects or personal trainer negligence.

Trainers have been known to push their customers quite hard, and they in fact paid to encourage a difficult workout, but they have a legal responsibility to protect their customers.

If a severe injury results from personal trainer negligence, the individual and associated fitness center may be liable for sport injuries and incurred and future medical costs.

Joe Lyon is an experienced personal injury lawyer and product liability attorney investigating gym accidents and filing premises liability lawsuits for plaintiffs nationwide. 

Hazardous Gym Activities & Exercises

Almost any kind of gym activity can result in injury if it is performed in an unsafe manner. Gym staff and fitness center personal trainers should be on site to monitor gym patrons and the heavy equipment capable of causing injury. Injuries commonly occur during the following activities:

  • Yoga
  • Weight Lifting
  • Resistance band workout
  • Medicine ball exercises
  • Treadmill running
  • High intensity interval training
  • Kettlebell workout

Personal Trainer Negligence

Fitness instructors and professional trainers have a duty to recognize the difference between a good hard workout and a dangerous level of exertion capable of causing serious injury.

When trainers or fitness instructors push clients and directly cause an injury, a personal injury claim may be filed for their professional negligence. Compensation may be sought for medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and pain and suffering.

Some gym injury cases are quite valuable and if you can prove personal trainer negligence caused a severe injury, a large personal injury or premises liability settlement is likely.


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A Voice for Those who have suffered 

Why are these cases important?

Serious sports injuries and accidents often result through no fault of the injured party, yet the injured victim suffers from life altering physical and financial losses. Such economic and human losses can have devastating financial consequences on individuals and families if not properly compensated. Tort law allows those individuals to seek just legal recourse through personal trainer injury lawsuits.


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Questions about Personal Trainer Negligence Cases

What is a Gym Injury Lawsuit?

Most trainers are highly qualified but some lack education, formal training, and experience to safely guide a client through a workout routine. This can result in serious gym-related injuries.

After these training injuries, cases can be filed against the individual personal trainers and their associated health clubs

Most sports injury lawsuits against a personal trainer are premised on general negligence theory. Negligence is often defined as “the failure to reasonable care in a specific circumstance.” Negligence may be an act or omission that causes harm to a client.

The relationship between a personal trainer and client can be compared to a doctor-patient relationship, where a personal trainer has a legal duty to train the client with a proper duty of care. 

Common allegations of personal trainer negligence include:

  • Considering pre-existing injuries or medical conditions 

  • Providing appropriate types of exercises for age or body type

  • Limiting the weights or duration of cardiac exercises

  • Properly supervising the client at all times

  • Recommending dubious health supplements


Can you sue your personal trainer?

Yes, if you sustain an injury while under the supervision of a personal trainer, you may have a legal claim against both the trainer and the associated gym.

Do personal trainers have liability insurance?

Personal trainers should have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance. Almost all registered gyms and fitness studios will require trainers to have insurance, and it is typically a prerequisite for working certain outdoor fitness programs and other sports regimens. 

what happens if I’m injured at the gym?

Waivers that clients sign can give gyms protection following an injury. The law states that any occupiers of a property, including gym owners, have a duty of care to people who they can reasonably expect will be on their premises.

Thus, even though you signed a waiver, the law allows you to sue a gym or trainer if they breach their duty of care by failing to prepare safe equipment or offer proper supervision. Lawsuits have recovered compensation for plaintiffs suing both personal trainers and gym’s for their negligence. 

Is a personal trainer responsible for my injury?

Personal trainers are known for pushing their clients to their upper limits. But if the client sustains an injury while operating equipment under the supervision of a personal trainer, they may have a claim against either the trainer or the gym. 

However, for example, if you neglect to tell your trainer about an old shoulder injury, you may not be able to cast blame for any related injury sustained by their guidance. 

can i sue a gym for an injury?

Each sports injury case is unique and should be reviewed by an attorney. Some interesting cases arise from injuries sustained at 24-hour gyms when no staff are present and the gym is not properly maintained. 

What are some common gym-related injuries?

Common injuries related to personal trainer negligence include orthopedic fractures, spinal cord injuries, nerve damage, and muscle tears. Other serious conditions include heart attacks and strokes caused by overexertion.