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Industrial Injury Lawyer Reviewing Coal Mining Accident Cases for plaintiffs in Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia
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Coal Mining Accidents


Coal mining is an inherently dangerous occupation, and mining accidents are far from uncommon. The mining industry and workers face numerous hazards, whether the work is performed underground or around heavy machinery.

Coal mining injuries can be catastrophic and include chronic lung diseases due to toxic exposure at the workplace. Miners are well-aware that the job requires difficult work conditions, but employees still have the right to proper safety training, personal protection equipment and maintained machinery.

Coal mining accidents can include equipment malfunction, ventilation issues, explosions and a long list of other occupational hazards. Victims of coal mining accidents may have a case against an employer if the company failed to properly warn or protect their workers.

The Lyon Firm is an experienced Ohio Attorney, well-versed in Industrial Injury Lawsuits and cases involving negligent mining companies. Compensation can be sought following work accidents, and when Worker’s Compensation falls short of meeting financial needs.

Mining Accidents & Illness

The Lyon Firm can review all work injury and personal injury claims for plaintiffs following a coal mining accident or related illness. Mining Injury Lawsuits we handle may include:

  • Black Lung & Pneumoconiosis: The continual inhalation of coal dust can lead to the development of Black Lung, or otherwise known as coal workers’ pneumoconiosis (CWP). This is a severe and potentially fatal type of occupational lung disease.
  • Coal Mine Explosions: Coal dust is extremely flammable, as is methane gas, which is released in the mining process. A methane buildup without ventilation can lead to explosions and serious burn injury.
  • Mining Machine Accidents: Mining work sites are filled with heavy machinery and equipment that must be maintained properly and equipped with safeguards in order to prevent injury. When management fails to provide safe equipment, injuries are much more likely and legal action can be pursued.
  • Coal Mine Electrocution: Working with electricity in wet and enclosed spaces in a hazardous task. Electrical accidents in coal mines are relatively common, and burn injuries can result.
  • Entrapment and Mine Collapse: Investigations are required when mining sites lead to entrapment fatalities and mine shaft collapse injuries.
  • Mine Floods: Heavy rain and flash flooding can endanger workers in mines, and the design of a work site is very important to prevent any mine flooding tragedy. Excessive water can lead to mine collapse and entrapment.

Joe Lyon reviews mining injury cases in West Virginia, Ohio, or Kentucky. If you or a loved one has been injured in a coal mining accident, contact an attorney to assist you in seeking the maximum compensation and settlement.

Toxic Mine Dust Exposure

It may not be news that coal miners suffer from respiratory illnesses and lung diseases. But workers in the 21st century certainly expect employers to provide more preventative measures and safety guidelines in safer work environments.

This, however, is not always a given. Some mining outfits still cut corners and fail to follow even the most basic OSHA safety standards. Federal law and state safety standards require mining companies to offer dust masks or respirators to miners, as well as other means of protection. Many miners have complained over the years that what their employers provide do not work, or only work partially to inhibit the inhalation of dust.

Mines are also required to provide workers air clear of dangerous dust. Toxic mine dust isn’t merely coal dust alone, but also includes silica dust, which is generated when miners cut sandstone. Silica dust can be inhaled by workers and lead to silicosis.

Ohio Employer Negligence Attorney and Personal Injury Lawyer investigating on-the-job injury and coal mining accidents for plaintiffs in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.

Coal Mine Explosions

Mining sites regularly have explosives to blast rocks, and can create numerous hazards. Explosions cause injuries and fatalities in surface mines when workers are struck by rocks. This can happen in underground mines as well, when workers are in close proximity to the blast.

Misfires, premature blasts and secondary explosions are all causes of serious burn injuries, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). A premature explosion may be due to carelessness, faulty fuses or aging equipment.

In some situations, the employer and coal mining company share the responsibility for a workplace injury. Plaintiffs can seek damages related to medical costs and lost wages, as well as pain and suffering and other non-economic losses.

Coal Mine Injury Settlements

Success of a work injury lawsuit depends on individual case specifics. Following an accident, a plaintiffs should collect evidence of negligence, safety violations, eye witness accounts, and medical records. By working with industry experts, The Lyon Firm can build a strong case against energy and mining companies, and reach a rightful settlement.

Injuries and occupational illnesses related to coal mining can be severe, debilitating, and costly. Workers and families suffer, and it is the duty of an employer to compensate a worker.

The Lyon Firm has engaged large energy corporations and companies following mining and fracking accidents nationwide. Contact us for a free consultation. We can discuss case specifics and lead you through a complex process.

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