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Anesthesia Service Provider Data Breach Investigation

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The Lyon Firm is investigating a data breach incident involving at least a dozen providers of anesthesia services to hospitals. As of reporting, over 380,000 individuals may be impacted by the security breach. 

According to disclosure to the HHS, unauthorized individuals gained access to IT networks used by a single management company and may have obtained the following sensitive patient information:

  • Patient names
  • Addresses
  • Health insurance policy numbers
  • Payment information
  • Social Security numbers
  • Diagnosis and treatment information

Details about the full scale of the data breach are still being investigated, and data breach notifications are assumed to be sent out to impacted patients as soon as possible. The HIPAA Journal has confirmed at least 13 providers of anesthesia services that have been affected, resulting in the “exposure and potential theft” of protected health information.

Affected Entity Individuals Affected
Providence WA Anesthesia Services PC 98,643
Palm Springs Anesthesia Services PC 58,513
Anesthesia Associates of El Paso PA 43,168
Anesthesia Services of San Joaquin PC 44,015
Resource Anesthesiology Associates PC 37,697
Resource Anesthesiology Associates of IL 18,321
Bronx Anesthesia Services PC 17,802
Resource Anesthesiology Associates of CA 16,001
Anesthesia Associates of Maryland LLC 12,403
Hazleton Anesthesia Services PC 13,607
Upstate Anesthesia Services PC 9,065
Fredericksburg Anesthesia Services LLC 7,069
Lynbrook Anesthesia Services PC 3,800