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Community First Medical Center Data Breach Investigation

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The Lyon Firm is reviewing the Community First Medical Center data breach incident that may have impacted over 215,000 individuals. Contact our lawyers if you or a loved one has received notice of the event compromising your personal information.

On September 26, 2023, Community First Medical Center filed a notice of data breach with the Attorney General of Maine after discovering that an unauthorized party accessed the hospital’s internal systems. In the notice, Community First explains that the incident resulted in an unauthorized party accessing consumers’ names and Social Security numbers.

If you received a data breach notification letter from Community First Medical, call our legal team to understand what is at risk and what your next steps should include. You may file a class action claim to recover compensation and hold any negligent company accountable for their actions.

Healthcare providers have a duty to protect patients’ sensitive information and should they fail, they could be held liable for the damages they cause. A data privacy lawyer can help you learn more about how to protect yourself from fraud or identity theft.

What Caused the Community First Medical Center Data Breach?

Although the breach allegedly occurred in July 2023, the Community First Medical Center data breach was only recently announced. An established HIPAA Notification Rule calls for data breach notifications to be issued to the Secretary of the Health and Human Services no later than 60 days after the date of discovery of a data breach.

The firm may still be investigating the incident while alerting those impacted at the same time. If you got a letter from Community First, it should provide you with a list of what personal information belonging to you was compromised.

Community First Medical Center is a healthcare provider serving the Chicago area. The hospital offers emergency services, cardiology, bloodless medicine and surgery, nutrition, orthopedic surgery and treatment, radiology, and rehabilitation.