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Forward Air Data Breach Confirmed Following Ransomware Attack

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Forward Air has finally revealed a data breach several months after a ransomware attack allegedly allowed hackers to access employee personal information. It is currently unknown whether or not the sensitive information has been sold or leaked to the dark web.

According to reports, in December 2020, Forward Air suffered a ransomware attack, forcing Forward Air to shut down its network. In the wake of the attack, employees were not notified that their personal data was at risk, though every data breach presents serious identity theft and fraud risks.

If you have been notified or suspect that your personal data has been compromised, contact an attorney to investigate the incident. The Lyon Firm aims to hold companies accountable for their inability to protect employee and consumer personal data, and seeks compensation for future security risks.

The Forward Air data breach caused serious disruption in business as the company had to suspend its electronic data interfaces with customers. Further fallout involves personal data that may have fallen into the wrong hands, placing thousands of employees at security risk.