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HopSkipDrive Data Breach Investigation

The Lyon Firm is investigating new HopSkipDrive data breach claims on behalf of plaintiffs in California and nationwide. According to a notice filed with the Maine Attorney General, over 155,000 individuals may have had their personal information compromised in the data security incident. Contact our legal team to learn more about your next steps and to discuss how to file class action data breach lawsuits.

What Happened at HopSkipDrive?

HopSkipDrive has confirmed that a June 2023 cybersecurity incident resulted in a data breach impacting 155,394 drivers. A spokesperson told reporters that those affected included drivers on the company app as well as those who applied to drive on the platform.

The company first discovered the breach on June 12, 2023, when it identified “suspicious activity” on third-party applications. The issue came to light only after receiving an email from a threat actor. An investigation determined the incident occurred between May 31, 2023 and June 10, 2023.

The student rideshare company confirmed that more than 155,000 drivers could be the subject of a data theft incident that impacted the following:

  • Names
  • Mailing addresses
  • Email addresses
  • Driver’s license numbers

HopSkipDrive said non-driver identification card numbers may have also been leaked. The leak of driver’s licenses and ID numbers may pose serious risks for future identity theft and fraud.

Operating out of Los Angeles, California, HopSkipDrive supplements other modes of transport, and mainly caters to children and older adults living in areas not serviced by a bus network.

The company has begun sending out data breach notification letters that should outline specifics on what personal data was compromised for each individual. If you are notified by the company regarding the data security event, it is important to take action to minimize your risk of identity theft. Call an experienced data breach lawyer to assist you in filing a claim to recover compensation and to hold any negligent parties responsible.