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LoanCare Data Breach Investigation

The Lyon Firm is investigating the MOVEit ransomware attack on behalf of victims nationwide. The fallout from this single incursion has been incredible with hundreds of organizations and millions of individuals impacted, including clients of FIS and LoanCare.

Fidelity National Financial (FIS Global) reported that 1.3 million individuals associated with LoanCare may have been impacted by this cyberattack. Contact our lawyers following a notice of data breach, related to FIS, MOVEit, or LoanCare. Our legal team is currently filing class action lawsuits against the parties responsible for multiple data theft events.

What Happened at LoanCare?

In November 2023,  Fidelity National Financial, LoanCare’s parent company, became aware of unauthorized access to certain systems within their IT network. An investigation led by third-party experts concluded that an unauthorized third party exfiltrated personal data from the network.

It is important for victims to take measures after confirming that their personal information was compromised as a result of this IT security incident. Our attorneys can assist with the next steps, and can discuss possible legal action. We strongly believe that any company that collects and stores your data has a duty to protect it. Should they fail, they could be held accountable for their security negligence.

The Lyon Firm is currently involved in numerous data privacy cases nationwide. We offer free case reviews and consultations. Learn more about protecting yourself from identity theft and fraud, and file a class action data breach claim to recover compensation.