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A white-haired woman looks at her computer with concern as she realizes her important online data was breached.

loanDepot Data Breach Investigation

The Lyon Firm is investigating a reported cyberattack impacting loanDepot, a digital commerce company specializing in home loans, mortgage loans, and refinancing. Contact our data breach lawyers to learn more about data privacy, and how a data security incident may impact you and your loved ones.

In the wake of some very large data theft events involving mortgage lenders like Mr. Cooper and LoanCare, we are seeing yet another serious network attack. Reports from the company suggest loanDepot is the latest data security victim in the financial sector. This could impact a large number of individuals as the company is one of the largest non-bank retail mortgage lenders in the nation, and services loans of over $140 billion.

According to early reports, loanDepot was forced to take IT systems offline after customers began experiencing issues when trying to log in to the company’s payment portal to pay loans or contact them by phone.

Many of the details of the incident are unknown at this time, but the company did release a short statement: “loanDepot is experiencing a cyber incident. We have taken certain systems offline and are working diligently to restore normal business operations as quickly as possible. We are working quickly to understand the extent of the incident and taking steps to minimize its impact. The Company has retained leading forensics experts to aid in our investigation and is working with law enforcement. We sincerely apologize for any impacts to our customers and we are focused on resolving these matters as soon as possible.”

As loanDepot holds sensitive personal information about its customers, such as financial and bank account information, customers should remain vigilant for any signs of fraud or identity theft.

As a home loan lender, loanDepot offers a variety of services from home purchase, home refinance, home equity, and assistance finding a home as well as credit score monitoring. Operating out of Irvine, California, loanDepot has over 200 locations nationwide and provides service to over 27,000 customers monthly.

Contact the Lyon Firm if you have received a data breach notification letter from loanDepot or any other financial organization. We are currently involved in several data theft cases nationwide, and represent plaintiffs in all fifty states. Free consultations and case reviews.