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Progressive Leasing Data Breach Investigation

The Lyon Firm is reviewing Progressive Leasing data breach claims after the company sent notice to over 193,000 individuals. Sensitive personal information was compromised for customers around the country. Contact our privacy attorneys to discuss your next steps and potential legal action.

What Happened?

On October 23, 2023, Progressive Leasing filed a notice of data breach with the Attorney General of Maine after the company discovered that an unauthorized party accessed and potentially acquired a large number of files stored on Progressive’s network.

Progressive Leasing explained in their letters to those impacted that the incident resulted in unauthorized access to the following types of information:

  • Names
  • Social Security numbers
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Dates of birth
  • Email addresses

If you receive a data breach notification letter from Progressive Leasing, you are likely at an increased risk of fraud and identity theft. It is important to protect yourself by taking measures to limit the damage. Call our data breach lawyers to discuss what you can do, and if you are eligible to file a class action data theft lawsuit. Contacting a data privacy lawyer can help you learn more about the evolving situation, and knowing your legal rights after the alleged IT security negligence.

What Caused the Data Breach at Progressive Leasing?

The Progressive Leasing data breach is still being investigated, though most of these data theft incidents are strikingly similar. On September 11, Progressive experienced a cyberattack. After an initial investigation, the company concluded that the unauthorized party first gained access to its system on September 9, 2023. The hackers were able to access files containing a range of consumer information.

About Progressive Leasing

Progressive Leasing, operating out of Draper, Utah, is a provider of lease-purchase solutions through more than 30,000 retail partner and e-commerce merchants across the country.

The Lyon Firm has experience filing data breach lawsuits on behalf of clients in all 50 states. We work with some of the largest cybersecurity firms, and currently are working on some of the nation’s most critical data privacy litigation. We believe any company that collects and stores your personal data has a duty to protect it. Should they fail, they can be held accountable. Contact our lawyers now for a free consultation.