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Raptor Technologies Data Breach Investigation

The Lyon Firm is investigating data breach claims after a cyberattack hit Raptor Technologies, threatening to leak a huge amount of sensitive data. Contact our data breach lawyers following any data theft incident that may impact your personal information. We represent plaintiffs nationwide in a wide variety of class action data privacy cases.

What Happened at Raptor?

On January 11, 2024, Wired reported on a data breach involving an unsecured database at Raptor Technologies. Raptor has confirmed the data security incident and if they confirm that the leaked data contains confidential information of individuals, they will begin sending out data breach notification letters to all individuals whose information was affected.

According to third-party research, over 4 million records relating to the Texas-based Raptor Technologies were allegedly compromised by a data security incident. The records contain what appears to be sensitive information relating to students, teachers, parents, and school safety plans or procedures. An investigation is ongoing and it is currently unknown how long the database was exposed or who accessed the data.

What Sensitive Data is Compromised?

  • Documents such as school maps, camera locations, security vulnerabilities, meeting points, and step-by-step actions of emergency response plans could be leaked
  • Court Records: restraining or protection orders. Divorce and custody documents that may contain PII of parents and children, including Social Security numbers
  • Health Records that could contain names, addresses, birth dates, or insurance details
  • School incident response plans, layouts of schools or classrooms, and notes regarding infrastructure challenges, such as malfunctioning cameras or security issues
  • Background check systems (including names)
  • Documents regarding at-risk students, their personal and medical conditions, any mental health or legal problems they might be having, and the presumed threats they pose
  • PDF files or images of court-ordered protection orders, divorce decrees, and other legal documents
  • Documents indicating drills, incidents or non-compliance of safety protocols as indicated by school staff

More About Raptor Technologies

Raptor Technologies is a school security company that offers various solutions, such as a visitor management system that allows schools to track and screen visitors, volunteers, and contractors. The system ensures individuals on school grounds are not listed on any sex offender registries or watchlists. Raptor also offers emergency management tools that enable schools to identify and respond to emergencies. Raptor school safety software is reportedly used by more than 60,000 schools worldwide.

If you receive a data breach notification letter from Raptor Technologies or another entity it is important to take the next steps and protect yourself from any risk of fraud or identity theft. Our legal team can assist you in the path forward and discussing any potential class action litigation. By filing a data breach lawsuit, plaintiffs can recover compensation and hold any negligent party accountable.