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Select Education Group Data Breach Investigation

The Lyon Firm is investigation data breach claims on behalf of thousands of individuals in California with links to Select Education Group (SEG), the parent company of Institute of Technology, National Holistic Institute, Bauman College, Fremont University, and Arch USA. If you have received a data breach notification letter from SEG or one of the schools listed above, contact our legal team to learn more and consider filing a data privacy claim. 

What Happened at Select Education Group?

According to the Maine Attorney General website, over 67,000 individuals, primarily California residents, may have been impacted in a hacking incident that could have leaked sensitive personal information, including Social Security numbers.

Letters sent to victims explain that the Select Education Group, which includes the Institute of Technology, National Holistic Institute, Bauman College, Fremont University, and Arch USA, experienced a security incident that resulted in unauthorized access of their computer network.

SEG discovered in early January that files were accessed within the network by a threat actor. At that point systems were taken offline to try to minimize that damage, and to allow cybersecurity experts to begin an investigation.

A subsequent review concluded that hackers found their way into the network on November 5, 2023. The accessed files contained names, social security numbers, billing and payment records, and/or academic records. It is unclear what data has been stolen, and misused.

More About Select Education Group

Operating out of Modesto, California since 2014, Select Education Group (SEG) is a private post-secondary education group that offers numerous programs, including vocational and practical nursing, physical therapy assistant, medical assistant, medical billing and coding, massage therapy, sports and rehabilitation therapy, business administration, healthcare administration, criminal justice, ABA paralegal studies, culinary arts and baking, welding, HVAC, industrial maintenance, barbering, and cosmetology. SEG has locations in Modesto, Clovis, Redding, and Cerritos, California, as well as a location in Salem, Oregon.

Can You File a Data Breach Lawsuit?

If you have been contacted by Select Education Group, Institute of Technology, National Holistic Institute, Bauman College, Fremont University, or Arch USA regarding the data security incident, you should take immediate action to protect yourself from fraud and identity theft. It is important to remain vigilant following a data theft event, and to monitor your credit history and accounts, particularly after a SSN is leaked.

The Lyon Firm has filed many data breach lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs in California and nationwide. We have the experience and the resources to settle your case, find justice, hold negligent companies accountable and get compensation for victims.

We believe strongly that any entity that collects and stores your personal data has a duty to protect it with reasonably strong network security. Should they fail to maintain a strong IT security system, and your information is stolen in a cyberattack, you may consider taking legal action.

Our data privacy attorneys are currently involved in invasion of privacy, data breach, data misuse, and data broker claims on behalf of plaintiffs in all fifty states. If you have had your personal data leaked due to a preventable data security incident, call to speak to our lawyers.