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photo of a phone and power bank

Ubio Power Banks Recalled by Costco Due to Fire Hazard

The Lyon Firm is investigating portable power bank burn injury claims and reviewing product recalls like the Ubio Power Bank recall initiated by the CPSC and Costco. If you or a loved one has been injured by any defective product, contact a product liability lawyer to investigate. 

What Happened?

When battery-powered products overheat, they can pose a serious burn and fire hazard to consumers. That is allegedly the case with the Ubio Power bank recalled by Costco this week. Costco has received at least three reports of fire, and one alarming report of fire on a commercial flight resulting in smoke inhalation and a minor burn injury to a passenger.

The Ubio power recall involves power banks sold in either a pack of one or a pack of two. The recalled power banks are black and have the model number PWB1071 printed on the back. The Costco item number is printed on the package: item numbers for the single pack is 1314518, and the item numbers for the two-pack is 1265470.

Consumers should immediately stop using any recalled power banks and may contact Costco for a full refund. Ubio Labs is apparently no longer operating. Costco has contacted all known purchasers and a total of 350,000 units have been sold.

Power banks have been recalled several times before for the same risks. Cheap lithium battery products have been known to catch fire, including power banks, vaping devices and other electronics. Amazon recalled 260,000 units of a malfunctioning power bank years ago, and other manufacturers have followed suit when their devices fail to operate as intended.

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