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Defective Soup Packaging & Burn Injuries

Product Liability Lawyer investigating hot soup burn hazards

Instant soup and ramen noodle products are very popular for young and lower-income Americans because they are cheap and filling food. But thousands of burn and soup scalding incidents each year highlight the risks of instant soup products. Young children are at the highest risk of hot soup burn injury, and reports say instant soups cause about one in five childhood scald burns in the United States.

Instant soups typically are packaged in thin, plastic microwavable cups, and easy for children to use. But many of the products do not have a proper hot soup burn or scald risk warning on the packaging. Instant soup burn lawsuits and instant noodle injuries are growing with the number of accidents.

Recently, researchers estimated that instant soups and instant noodle cups are to blame for almost 10,000 pediatric burns in the United States each year. Scald burns caused by liquids or steam can be severe and may require hospitalization and surgery.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Cincinnati burn injury lawyer and Ohio Product Liability Attorney reviewing instant soup burn lawsuits for injured plaintiffs nationwide.

Hot Soup Burn Hazards

Hot foods and beverages must be managed for consumers, or a food manufacturer or restaurant may be held liable for putting consumers at unnecessary risk. Common food products and appliances that can pose fire and burn risks include:

Instant Soup Burn Lawsuits

Most food-related burns affect the bodily region from the shoulders to the groin in children between 4 and 7 years old. Often children are injured pulling food from the microwave or underestimate the heat of a dish. Other times, a poor product design can make instant soups and noodle cups particularly dangerous. Flimsy paper or Styrofoam cups can make for unstable containers.

A 2006 study published in the Journal of Burn Care and Research assessed the stability of instant soup containers and found taller and thinner cups are easier to tip than shorter cups. If manufacturers are aware of the risks their product presents to consumers and fails to warn or protect users, they may be held liable in product liability lawsuits.

The Lyon Firm is experienced in litigating burn injury cases for injured plaintiffs nationwide in a wide variety of food product lawsuits. When companies fail to warn consumers of the potential risks of their products and injuries result, personal injury and product liability lawsuits may be necessary to hold the negligent party liable.

Questions about Scalding Soup Burn Cases

Do i have a burn injury case?

If you have suffered an injury while using a product as it was intended, they product may be determined to be defective and you may file a product liability claim. Companies who fail to warn consumers and properly test their products may be forced to recall the product and compensate any injured party. 

can i sue a restaurant for a burn injury?

A restaurant may be liable for any injury caused by the negligence of management or individual staff that results in a serious injury. Contact our lawyers to review your restaurant burn injury case. 

can i sue my employer for an injury?

If your employer fails to properly train employees, post warnings, or provide a safe workplace, they may be liable for serious burn injuries that result. Workers Comp may not be adequate to pay for the injury and damages, and a lawsuit may be necessary. 

what are some common consumer burn hazards?

The Lyon Firm litigates cases that involve defective firearms, kitchen appliances, food and beverages, power tools, ATVS, automobiles, electronics, home heaters, and other consumer products. 

how much can i expect to recover in a burn injury case?

Every personal injury case is unique and will be evaluated carefully by our attorneys. We have the ability to work with industry experts and lawyers around the country to build the best case possible. Plaintiffs have been compensated for severe injuries, pain and suffering, medical costs, lost wages and loss of quality of life. 

What are some recent consumer burn hazard recalls?
  1. On November 10, 2020 Kohl’s recalled around 512,000 SONOMA Goods For Life branded three-wick candles. The candle’s high flames may ignite the surface of the wax or cause the glass to break, posing fire and burn hazards. Kohl’s received at least 29 reports involving high flames and/or breaking glass containers with the three-wick candles, including five incidents resulting in burn injuries and six incidents involving property damage.
  2. Ring Video Doorbells have been recalled due to fire hazards. In November 2020, arund 350,000 Ring doorbells were recalled because the video doorbell’s battery can overheat when the incorrect screws are used for installation, posing fire and burn hazards. Ring has received 85 reports of incorrect doorbell screws installed and 23 reports of doorbells igniting, resulting in property damage and minor burns.
  3. YETI is recalling Rambler® 20 oz Travel Mugs with Stronghold Lids because the magnet slider on the lid can eject and hot contents can spill out, posing injury and burn hazards.
    About 241,500 units were recalled after two reports of the magnetic slider on the Rambler  being ejected after being sealed with hot liquid.  


Legal Steps Following Scalding Soup Burn Accident:

1. Secure the product packaging; 
2. Secure any receipt of purchase; 
3. Photograph the packaging and receipt;
4. Photograph the scene before cleaning; If you already cleaned, then photograph the scene post cleaning;
5. Follow all medical advice;
6. Photograph the progression of the burns;
7.  Create a spreadsheet to track all expenses related to the injury;


Joseph Lyon

Lyon Firm Experience in Burn Injury Cases

The Lyon Firm has experience representing clients across the country in a variety of burn injury cases, including scalding soup burn injuries, explosion injuries due to cooking spray, as well as work and residential heater flash burn injuries.

Daycare Negligence

Scalding Soup Burn Injury

(Hamilton County , Ohio): 

The Lyon Firm is currently representing a young Indian girl who was injured when a thermos of hot scalding soup was spilled onto her back during a daycare session.  

The case involves the negligent preparation and handling of meals for the children where the food was prepared at excessive temperatures for children, and the thermos was left unsecured in a room full of young children.  

A trial is set for June, 2021.  

Defective Propane Wall Heater

Flash Burn Injury: Wrongful Death 

(Hillsboro, Ohio): Confidential Settlement. 

The Lyon Firm secured a settlement for the family of elderly man who was catastrophically burned while operating a propane wall heater. The burns resulted in his unfortunate death. The heater, manufactured and sourced from China, was alleged to allow the flame to reach outside the grid area in violation of ANSI standards. The Defendant resolved the case following discovery and mediation. The recovered funds were paid to the victim’s surviving spouse and children. The company no longer manufactures this type of heater.