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Home Appliances & Dangerous Kitchen Appliances

Consumer safety attorney and product liability lawyer investigates defective home appliances and the most dangerous kitchen appliances in homes that may lead to severe burn injury

Most consumers don’t think about all the potentially dangerous kitchen appliances in their homes, yet thousands of Americans are injured by home appliances and defective kitchen products each year.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), major home appliances cause more than 150,000 residential fires each year, resulting in property damage, serious burn injuries and deaths.

When most people think about kitchen accidents, they may remember the last time they cut themselves with a knife or burned themselves on the stove. But kitchen dangers go far beyond common sense or clumsy mistakes. Defective kitchen products like multi cookers, pressure cookers, food processors, cooking sprays and pot holders are the cause of many burn injuries for consumers.

Consumer safety advocates work hard to force recalls of unsafe kitchen products, but that is more difficult that it appears. Most companies will only recall defective products after kitchen accidents and burn injuries occur. But if you have suffered, contact a product liability attorney to investigate.

Joe Lyon is an experienced burn accident and consumer safety attorney reviewing the most dangerous kitchen appliances and filing kitchen accident lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide.

Defective Dangerous Kitchen Appliances Recalled

Millions of kitchen appliances have been recalled in the last decade for defects that may cause a fire or burn injury. Human error may be a factor in kitchen injuries, though there are hundreds of defective and dangerous kitchen appliances that cause serious burn injuries. The following products and cooking appliances may pose a risk at your home:

If you have suffered a burn injury due to a defective kitchen appliance or cooking product, please contact The Lyon Firm at 800.513. 2403 to speak directly with Mr. Lyon, an experienced Ohio burn injury lawyer.

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