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Alogent Data Breach Investigation | Huntington Bank

The Lyon Firm is investigating all data breach claims on behalf of Alogent and Huntington Bank, victims in the MOVEit transfer cyberattack that has impacted millions worldwide. Contact the firm to discuss your legal options and join a data privacy class action. 

Alogent Holdings and Huntington Bank have begun writing to victims, sending out data breach notification letters that detail what happened and the extend of the personal data that may be compromised. Reports suggest that over 4.5 million individuals could have had their personal information leaked.

Alogent says between May 30 and June 1, 2023, they were a victim of a zero-day vulnerability within one of their vendors software, Progress Software’s MOVEit Transfer application. Exposed data included Huntington Bank account information. The leaked data set included account and routing numbers, name, address, phone, check payee and remittance amounts.

Can I File a Class Action Data Breach Lawsuit?

Our lawyers believe any entity that collects and stores your sensitive personal information has a duty to protect it with a reasonable security system. Should they neglect these duties and a security breach incident occurs, legal action can be considered.

In the case of organizations and companies linked to the MOVEit vulnerability, litigation has already begun moving forward. Victims of the Alogent breach can contact attorneys to join the existing class action. Rightful compensation may be warranted.

The Lyon Firm is currently involved in numerous data theft cases across the country, targeting companies who are clearly negligent in their fight against cybercriminals. The data security landscape has changed quickly in the last few years and companies must be held accountable when they fail to properly handle your personal information.