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Bonobos Data Breach Leaks Customers Personal Information

Bonobos, the popular men’s clothing store, suffered a huge data breach that exposed millions of customers’ personal data. The breach was reported after a cloud backup of their database was downloaded by a hacker known as ShinyHunters, known for hacking, stealing and selling databases. The database was then posted on a free forum.

The leaked Bonobos database is a 70 GB file containing customers’ addresses, order information, phone numbers, partial credit card numbers, driver’s license numbers, age and date of birth, gender, nationality, purchase history information, location and passwords. Bonobos has said the hackers did not gain access to their internal network but accessed a backup file hosted in an external cloud system.

The address and phone numbers leaked are for seven million orders, account information for almost two million registered customers, and 3.5 million partial credit card records. Bonobos says contact information and passwords may have been viewed but payment information was not.

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