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CentroMed – El Centro Del Barrio – Data Breach Investigation

Following any data security incident, any compromised individuals should take immediate measures to minimize the risk of fraud and identity theft. Millions of Americans have had their personal data leaked in just the past year, placing them at an increased risk of data theft and data misuse.
When a company like Centromed – El Centro del Barrio – fails to protect your information and it lands in the wrong hands, they may be held accountable for their IT security negligence. Contact our legal team to discuss filing a class action data breach lawsuit. 

The Lyon Firm has lawyers investigating the CentroMed data breach incident in which over 400,000 individuals may have had their personal data compromised. Contact our firm to discuss potential legal action and compensation.

CentroMed (El Centro del Barrio) has begun sending out data breach notification letters to impacted patients. The entity has also alerted the Texas authorities that 400,000 individuals in the state may have had personal information stolen in the recent IT security incident.

What Happened at Centromed?

On May 20, 2024, El Centro Del Barrio d/b/a CentroMed filed a notice of data breach with the Attorney General of Texas after discovering that an unauthorized actor accessed confidential information belonging to some current and former patients. In their company notice, CentroMed says the incident resulted in the hackers able to access patients’ sensitive information, including names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, financial account information, medical records numbers, health insurance information, and diagnosis & treatment information.

If you receive a data breach notification from El Centro Del Barrio, it is important to understand the risks of data theft. Contact a data breach lawyer to learn more about how to protect yourself now and in the future.

According to the company statement, CentroMed was alerted on May 1, 2024 to unusual activity within its IT network. An investigation concluded that a bad actor accessed the company’s network on April 30.

Centro Del Barrio is the former name of CentroMed, which is a healthcare services provider based out of San Antonio, Texas. CentroMed operates over 25 primary care clinics, pharmacies, and other healthcare facilities, in and around San Antonio, New Braunfels, and Somerset, Texas.

What Information is Involved?

Patient names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, financial account information,
medical records numbers, health insurance information, diagnosis and treatment information, and
claims data may have been involved. Such information may be used by cyber criminals to steal an identity and may remain on the dark web for years. Medical identity theft incidents are on the rise, and your medical data can be used to engage in numerous fraudulent schemes.

Can I File a CentroMed Data Breach Lawsuit?

We believe health entities who collect and store your medical and personal data have an ethical and legal duty to protect it to prevent the risk of fraud and identity theft. Building a proper network security system may time-intensive and expensive, but if an organization like CentroMed fails to protect patients’ sensitive information, and a data breach occurs, they may be held liable.

The Lyon Firm encourages impacted victims and individuals in the CentroMed security breach to act quickly and remain vigilant against potential medical identity theft and contact a privacy attorney to review your case.