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Gaston College Data Breach Investigation

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According to reports, over 191,000 individuals may be impacted by a data breach at Gaston College in Dallas, North Carolina. The compromised information allegedly includes names and Social Security numbers. Victims should consider contacting an attorney and taking the next steps to protect themselves from potential identity theft and fraud.

In February 2023, Gaston College became aware of suspicious activity on their servers and with assistance from the North Carolina Joint Cybersecurity Task Force, they determined there had been unauthorized access to Gaston College’s network, along with access to certain files and folders.

The school has begun sending out data breach notification letters to known victims, specifying what personal data may be at large.

Joe Lyon is an experienced data breach lawyer representing plaintiffs in some of the nation’s largest class action security breach lawsuits. We work to hold negligent entities accountable and to seek compensation for victims of data theft events. 

Can You Sue Gaston College Following the Data Breach?

We believe that organizations that collect and store data have a duty to protect that information to the best of their ability. When they fail to build reasonable IT security they could be negligent when a security breach incident occurs.

Victims in turn have the right to take legal action and file a claim against any organization that fails to protect their personal information. Our lawyers would like to speak with you about your privacy rights and potential legal remedies in response to the Gaston College data breach event. For a free consultation, please fill out the contact form below, or contact us by phone.