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Injured Workers Pharmacy Data Breach Investigation

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The Lyon Firm is reviewing cases on behalf of Injured Workers Pharmacy data breach victims in Massachusetts and nationwide. Our data privacy attorneys are actively involved in a wide variety of data theft cases, and offer free and confidential consultations. Contact us to seek justice and compensation.

Hackers have allegedly gained access to email accounts containing protected health information and Social Security numbers at Injured Workers Pharmacy. Injured Workers Pharmacy is an Andover, Massachusetts-based entity, where a data breach was discovered back in May 2021. The company reported that suspicious activity was detected in one employee email account, and a data breach investigation revealed that seven email accounts had been compromised.

The protected health information of over 75,000 individuals was compromised, including:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Social Security numbers

Injured Workers Pharmacy said it has strengthened its company security measures and is offering impacted individuals credit monitoring and identity restoration services.

A data breach typically occurs in malware, phishing attacks or ransomware attacks when a hacker or cybercriminal gains access to sensitive personal information that has been collected and stored on a company’s servers. Hackers often target organizations with weak or outdated security practices.

Once the information is obtained, it can be sold to third parties to use in identity theft or other fraudulent data theft schemes. Victims of data breaches are at an increased risk of identity theft and financial losses.

If you have received a letter from Injured Workers Pharmacy about the recent data breach, contact a class action privacy attorney.

Injured Workers Pharmacy Data Breach Lawsuit

Data Theft Lawyers believe companies who collect and store personal data have an ethical and legal duty to protect it to prevent data theft. Creating a proper network security system is expensive, however, and many companies attempt to bypass these necessary costs. If a company claims to protect consumers’ and patients’ sensitive information, and a data breach occurs, they may be held liable.

The Lyon Firm encourages all potentially affected individuals in the  Injured Workers Pharmacy security breach to act quickly and remain vigilant against potential identity theft and fraud by reviewing account statements, medical bills and credit reports. Contact a privacy attorney to review your data breach case.

Companies have a duty to engage in the following system security measures:

  • Properly monitor data security systems for existing intrusions
  • Ensure that vendors with access to computer systems and data employ reasonable security procedures
  • Train employees in the proper handling of emails containing PII and PHI and maintain adequate email security practices
  • Implement technical policies and procedures to allow electronic PHI access only to individuals or software programs granted access rights
  • Implement procedures to review records of information system activity regularly, such as audit logs, access reports and security incident tracking reports
  • Protect against reasonably anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of electronic PHI

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