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J.D. Gilmour Data Breach Investigation

The Lyon Firm is investigating data breach claims following J.D. Gilmour’s filing with the Attorney General of California regarding an email breach that may have compromised the personal information of thousands of individuals. Contact our legal team to discuss your next steps, and to consider filing a class action data breach claim. 

What Happened at J.D. Gilmour?

On June 29, 2023, J.D. Gilmour became aware of a potential unauthorized access to its e-mail network and hired a cybersecurity forensic team to investigate. By August 2023, the forensic investigation determined that an unknown party had gained unauthorized access to a JD Gilmour employee e-mail user account. A couple months later, in October, the company completed its investigation of the data maintained within the compromised e-mail user account and determined that personal information was indeed compromised in the attack.

The specific data leaked may vary from person to person and the company should offer more details in their data breach notification letters to individuals. J.D. Gilmour has begun sending out notices to those impacted as well as attorney generals.

J.D. Gilmour is an independent insurance agency operating out of Glendale, California. They offer clients insurance products, such as employee & executive benefit plans, as well as HR support and technology support services.

Following any data theft incident, it is prudent to begin to protect yourself and your loved ones from potential fraud and identity theft. Read our article here about your next steps, and contact our data privacy lawyers to discuss possible legal action.

Our data breach lawyers are currently involved in numerous privacy cases nationwide, and we represent California plaintiffs in new litigation. We believe strongly that any company that collects and stores our personal information, such as JD Gilmour, has a legal and ethical duty to protect it with reasonably secure networks. You can file a complaint to recover compensation and to hold any negligent party responsible for damages.